Level 1, Room 26

01.26: Master’s Study:

Accesses: The master’s study is accessible by way of a door int he north wall leading to the Master Suite (01.27) and a locked and magically warded door in the south wall leading to the upper master stair (01.25). The lock is of high quality and the ward both bars passage and alerts the study’s guardian (see below) unless bypassed by magical means.

Description: Like the study (01.24) this room is dominated by bookshelves full of esoteric and eldritch tomes, as well as comfortable and exquisitely crafted furniture. No magic circle is found on the floor, however. Instead, magical sigils are etched into the walls, floor and ceiling so lightly as to be nearly invisible except with an arcane eye. A cold blue fire burns in the fireplace and there is little moisture damage and no pest damage here.

The Guardian: A venomous geist thrall haunts this room, bound to defend its contents from any intruders. Like the one in the master stair (01.10) it attacks an intruder invisibly, poisoning its target with a deadly ghost toxin. If it is rendered incapacitated, it dissipates until the next moonrise and reassumes its duties. Note that ti will serve the Master of the Manor, whoever that is (see 02.xx).

Treasure: The master study contains double the normal number of baubles/artifacts as usual. In addition, the books in the study grant mastery the same way as in room 01.24. Finally, there are 2d4+1 randomly determined magical scrolls among the books.

Level 1, Room 25

01.25: Master Stair, upper

Access: Stairs lead up from the master stair (01.10). There is a door on the west wall and one on the eastern part of the north wall leading to different hallways. The door on the western section of the north wall is locked and magically warded, leading to the Master’s Study (01.26)

Description: this area is relatively clean with just a hint of the water and pest damage that affects most of the rest of Parenix Manor. It is sparsely decorated, with only a giant bust made of marble of what appears to be an eye containing multiple pupils. The bust is disconcerting to look at directly but even more so when seen from the peripheral: the pupils seem to float in the eye, shifting position. When one looks directly at the eye again, they cannot be certain whether the pupils are where originally seen.
Museum Hands: If anyone attempts to damage the eye bust, it lashes out with a mind rending counterblast, doing psychic damage equal to the damage caused to it by the individual, regardless of type or source (arrows, spells, a hammer). If a character is incapacitated by the counterblast, upon resuscitation they must roll for incurred madness.

Level 1, Room 24

01.24: Study

Access: The study can be accessed by doors in the east, south and west walls. A broad set of stairs lead up to the attic cells.  (01.29).

Description: With walls dominated by bookshelves weighted down by esoteric tomes and scrolls  and multiple eldritch circles engraved in the floor, there is no doubt that this room served as the center of the Alastairn family studies into the occult. In addition, artifacts and baubles from the depths of Mornrax Hill sit on shelves and tables and hang from the walls. Water damage here is minimal and the twisted, broken and burnt remains of smalls pests litter the room.

There’s Magic in the Air: The strange forces harnessed by the lastairn family remain strong in this room. When anyone enters the study, they feel the air crackly with magical power and find themselves compelled to swear fealty to “the master of Parenix Manor.” Any creature that does not or can not is struck with magic bolts originating from the magic circles every minute. This is the source of the dead pests, for even simple animals are affected. Swearing fealty to stop the attack works, but from thence forth the character is vulnerable to attacks and effects created by the spirits of the manor. Should the manor be freed from the posthumous grip of the Alastairn family (see area 02.xx) the vulnerability ends.

Treasure: The study provides a wealth of valuables. First, there are 2d6+6f artifacts and baubles in this chamber. Second, the books on the shelves are a complete library of occult philosophy: a character seeking to use an exoteric knowledge skill may consult the books for one hour and be considered to have mastery for that single knowledge check. Finally, there are 2d4+1 randomly determined magical scrolls among the books. These spells may be cast from the scrolls or copied into a prayer or spell book (destroying the scroll in either case).

Level 1, Room(s) 23

01.23: Kinder Rooms

These three chambers served as bedrooms for the younger generations of the Alastairn family throughout the history of Parenix Manor. The state each remains in is based on the generation at the time of the family’s fall.

23a: Mithwell’s Room

Access: The door connecting to the hallway and privy (01.21) is locked.

Description: A century ago this room belonged to Mithwell Alastairn, fop and voidmage dilettante. It is decorated in fine lace, silk and brass, interspersed with the strange and compelling baubles pulled from deep below Mornrax Hill. The room is in surprisingly good shape: Mithwell was more than a little fastidious and expended a great deal of time and magic to keep the room clean. The magic has waned over the century, but enough remains to keep out the mold and pests.

Broken hearted Banshee: Mithwell is here still. Their mournful spirit is trapped in their room, crying over the cruelty of their parents and their fate. It was Mithwell who the coachman Arthur desired, and Mithwell loved him in return.

Mithwell is a wailing geist. If mortals enter the room, Mithwell waits until the interlopers feel secure then slams the door closed and manifests: nake save for a diamond necklace, beautiful, androgynous and wrathful, they induce fear for a moment before unleashing their deadly howl. If the characters are able to present the love letters from the coachman’s house (01.06) Mithwell does not wail. Instead, they break down into tears and ca

n be bound to the letters with seance. If so bound, Mithwell can then be sold the Mobulexon in the Chapel (01.17).

Alternatively, the characters can give the letters freely to Mithwell, who will dissipate in sorrow and leave behind the diamond necklace they were wearing.

Treasure: In addition to the necklace, this room contains double the usual number of artifacts/baubles.

23b and 23c: Kinder Rooms

These rooms are similar in size and function to 23a, but do not possess Mithwell’s sense of style nor magic to keep them free from water and pest damage. 23b was clearly a young woman’s room and contains a beautiful silver music box along. 23c belonged last to a cruel young man and in addition to the usual furnishings, it contains a hat box full of cat and bird skulls.

Level 1, Room 23

01.22: Kinder Lounge

Access: An unlocked door connects the kinder lounge to the hallway and privy (01.21).

Description: This chamber was once the parlor reserved for the young adult members of the Alastairn family (the kinder). Shelves of books, sets of cards and board games, along with a well stocked liquor cabinet, dominate this room. Chairs and stools offer comfortable — if cozy — seating for 8 people. Like the rest of the house, moisture, weather and pests have ruined most of the contents and furnishings.

Window to the Void: Among the most popular games with the ALastairn kinder is Window to the Void. It involves a simple picture frame holding a silver plate instead of a painting. To play, a black film is applied to the silver plate and allowed to dry. Then the players take turns holding a sharp stencil. They close their eyes and whisper a question to the void and scratch away at the film. Each “player” in turn does this, asking a follow-up question, until all the players have gone. Once they have finished, they open their eyes and interpret the image revealed by the scratching as the answer. Using the frame in this manner increases the chance of accurate divination magic two fold, but triples the chance of a spirit mishap for such castings.

Lurker in Ash: The fireplace in this room has become the lair of an arboreal hunter, drawn by the regular passage of birds and other pests down the chimney. Anyone searching the fireplace is likely to be attacked by the creature, which uses its poison tentacles and beak against the “intruder.”

Treasure: Besides the Window of the Void game, there are double the usual number of artifacts/baubles in this chamber.

Level 1, Room 21

01.21: Kinder Hall and Privy

Access: A door in the south wall leads to the upper kinder stair (01.19). There are two doors in the west wall: the southern one leads to the Kinder Lounge (01.22) and the northern one is locked and  leads to one of the Kinder Bedrooms (01.23a).

Description: This long hallway is mostly nondescript. The white plaster on the walls has crumbled away to reveal stone and at the end of the hall a moldering curtain partially obscures the privy.

Waste Away: The Alastairn family experimented with many strange magics over the century and a half of their master of Parenix hall and explorations beneath Mornrax Hill. The kinder privy was the strange culmination of some of that research. The privy appears as any other, except that in the bowl is what can only be described as a sea of otherworldly stars. Anything dropped into the privy is torn from this universe and dropped in another, irrevocably irretrievable. Over the decades, the arcane engineering containing the magic of the privy has weakened, however, and if anything or anyone touches the “sea of stars” it or they must resist the pull or be themselves forcibly drawn into the privy and forever lost. If the privy itself is broken, the weird portal within flows out like water, devouring everything. In the end, anything and anyone within a 10 foot sphere of the privy is obliterated before the energy folds in on itself and closes the portal forever.

Treasure: A golden hair comb and a silver mirror can be found in the cabinet next to the privy.

Level 1, Room 20

I made a few changes to the upper levels map key based on a change of direction.

01.20: Guest Quarters

Access: The only door in to or out of this room is in the north wall, leading to the Kinder Stair, Upper (01.49). The door is locked with a simple lock.

Description: This room was used on the rare occasion that Parenix Manor hosted overnight guests. Like most of the rooms in the manor, it has been exposed to the elements and pests. It was originally furnished with three beds and a small table. The beds are sodden and the bedding rotten. Each bed also has a foot locker at its end, and an armoire stands against the west wall where clothing might be hung.

Unquiet Guests: Unfortunately for them, there were in fact guests in the manor the night that terrible powers ended the Alastairn family reign. Mistress Neva Colburn, her handmaiden Lena and their guardan Sir Hanna Murand were all in the room fast asleep when the end happened. The three women woke when the manor screamed at the presence of some terrible horror, but they could not force the door open, even with Ser Hanna’s prodigious strength. They died torn apart by forces beyond mortal comprehension, but their spirits remain in the room.

If the PCs enter the room during nighttime hours, the door will slam itself shut. A blue glow fills the room as the ghosts of the three women appear, wailing and hugging one another in terror. Their terror becomes the terror of anyone in the room, and those so affected must steady their will or be dragged into madness with the ghosts. The haunting lasts only a few minutes and occurs only once per night. Any who survive the effects are immune on future nights. The ghosts are so maddened that they can provide no information to the PCs even if forced to speak by a necromancer.

Treasure: Mistress Neva’s belongings are in the armoire, including beautiful dresses long since wasted away. However, a beautiful, jewel encrusted pin and a golden tiara can be found. Lena had nothing of value, but Ser Hanna’s enchanted sword remains: it never rusts or tarnishes, and it can cut a demon or spirit as easily as a mortal enemy.

Level 1, Room 19

01.19: Guest Stair, Upper

Access: The upper level of the guest stair is accessed from below by the guest stairs (01.11). A door in the north wall leads to the Guest Guard Quarters (01.20), a door in the east wall leads to a hallway where guest rooms are found, and a door in the north wall leads to the Guest Hall and Privy (01.21).

Description: Weather and pest damage has ruined any furnishing and decorations in this area. The remains of three coat closets stand against the north wall. Two tattered cloaks of no value hang there.

Level 1, Room 18

01.18: Graveyard

Access: The Graveyard is outside the walls of Parenix Manor. The grave of Tobias Mofret leads to xxxxx (02.xx).

Description: This graveyard served as the final resting place of the most loyal servants of the Alastairn family that served at Parenix Hall. The two dozen headstones are all carved of polished granite, but are all weathered. The graveyard is overgrown with weeds and wildflowers. Some of the graves appear to have been recently excavated and then hastily refilled.

Death Blossoms: Any grave the characters examine has a 1 in 6 chance of being covered in black poppies, which if disturbed release a fume of intoxicating and deadly poison. Affected characters are slowed and confused for one minute before falling unconscious with an equal probability of remaining forever  in a coma, waking after an hour, or dying.
Reaching Hands: There are six graves that appear to have been disturbed: [insert names here]. Characters investigating any of these besides that of Tobias Mofret wake the ravenous bones within. They reach up and grasp the offender and pull them down into the earth with unholy strength. They will not come out of their graves, so a character that breaks free or is pulled free can escape.

Level 1, Room 17

01.17: The Chapel

Access: the only door in this room is in the west wall, leading to the greater dining room (01.15). The door is locked and was hastily spiked closed with whatever sharp cutlery was at hand.

Description: This room was the Alastairn family chapel, dedicated to various gods of knowledge and esoterica — good, evil and indifferent. Their images once graced the walls as paintings and tapestries, and their holy books once filled a shelf in the east wall. All that is destroyed, shredded and singed and so much confetti in the room. The altar against the north wall is marred by scorch and claw marks and covered in filth that stinks of the Pit.

The Prisoner: The perpetrator of all this vandalism is Mobulexon, an ash-mouthed rhymer that was summoned by the Alastairn in their hour of need. The demon broke free from its bonds and joined in the chaos that destroyed the family, but was driven into the chapel and contained there by the iron and silver cutlery that closed the door. For a century, the creature has raged, destroying the images and works of the gods in the room and swearing revenge on the Alastairn.

Mobulexon does not attack immediately when the door is opened. He perches, invisible, on the defiled altar and assesses whoever broke through the door. If they seem like people he can manipulate, he will speak to them in his weird sing-song rhymes, offering them secrets in return for the simple service of giving him an Alastairn soul to take back to the pit with him. He needs a fetish or other binding object for one of the haunts in the house. He is willing to answer three questions about hidden treasures and/or tricks on both Level 1 and Level 2 in return. PCs that take this bargain are condemning a soul to eternal torment.

If the PCs attack Mobulexon, he uses his fire breath and confounding rhymes to defend himself. If he is outclassed by the PCs he makes his escape by flying away invisible. He seeks revenge for such humiliation, though, and will stalk the PCs unseen and look for opportunities to turn the tide of a battle against them or lead them into a deadly trap.

Treasure: Nothing survived Mobulexon’s century long tantrum in this room except the altar itself. If it is cleaned and reconsecrated, the blessings of the gods of knowledge on the altar return: any miracle of divination cast at the altar is heightened.