Ian Eller is a writer. Not exclusively, of course. Who can afford that?


His fiction has appeared in various places over the years, including the flash science fiction site 365Tomorrows and more recently in the benefit anthology Maelstrom: Tales of Madness and Horror. He began his professional writing career in the adventure game industry, contributing to for the first edition of White Wolf Publishing’s epic fantasy game Exalted as well as the d20 edition of the venerable post apocalyptic class Gamma World.


Ian Eller lives in Newtown, Connecticut. His two children were students at Sandy Hook Elementary School when the tragedy unfolded there on December 14, 2012. He wrote about his experience as a parent waiting for his children to emerge safely from the school for Connecticut Magazine and later about the trials of trying to comfort an understandably frightened child for the magazine District Administration. Both of his children survived the experience and are on their way to healing.


Ian is a Professional Land Surveyor by trade but a writer at heart. He loves the act of creation and this blog represents and effort to turn a passion and a hobby into a living.

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