Ironsworn: Starforged 007: Seeking Warden

Here is where play really begins!


Momentum +5

Supply +5

Health +5

Spirit +5

Ship Integrity 5

Hunter Hunted Clock 1 / 8

They Progress 0 / 10 (Formidable)

Iron Vow 0 / 10 (Epic)


When I first established Reverie and described what James would do, I said he “got a ride with the prospectors” out to the Vault Camp. I think that was a little out of line with the intent of “play to find out” so I am going to back up a little bit.

Walking the dusty “streets” — such as they are — of Reverie, James sees many work crews loading heavy equipment onto tracked vehicles and trucks. There’s movement happening here, and in a hurry. He listens long enough to realize that most of these folks are Prospectors in the employ of Boss Takara, heading to the Vault Camp to finally begin cracking it open. James approaches one such crew and with a broad grin and a tip of his hat, asks if he can get a ride out to the camp.

James is making a Compel move in order to get a ride with the work crew. As a charmer of sorts, James rolls +heart to convince them.

Action Die ROLL = 6 +2 = 8

Challenge Dice ROLLs = 9 and 3: A Weak Hit. The work crew agrees and James gets +1 momentum, but there is a cost.


The crew consists of three burly prospectors. They laugh at James’ jokes and invite him aboard the truck as they pull out and begin the hour-long trek to the Vault Camp. A few minutes into the journey, the driver — James thinks he is the foreman — picks up the radio and says, “This is Crew Seven, Valkyrie. We’re coming in and we have a guest — the kind who likes to hide pistols under his poncho.” All three members of the crew give James snarling smiles.

James would have liked to have arrived at the Vault Camp without arousing suspicion but now the Prospectors at least are going to know he’s there and is no laborer looking for work.


Upon arrival, James thanks the crew for the lift — despite the fact that he can sense the unease of the Prospectors. I think there is a decent (75%) chance Valkyrie is there to at least make her presence known to James, and if I roll a 90 or higher she is going to confront him.

ROLL = 96. Oof.

James jumps out of the back of the truck, tips his hat at the foreman and turns to disappear into the camp as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a woman stands in his way. She is tall and handsome and scarred and no nonsense — and surrounded by strong and dangerous looking men. “Can I help you?” she asks cooly, eyes on the bulges beneath his James’ poncho. Nearby, both Scientists and Cultists watch uncertainly, wondering who this stranger is and what Boss Takara’s lieutenant is going to do with him.

James has no interest in getting in a fight right away, but he is interested in finding out more about this “Valkyrie.” James is going to try and mollify Valkyrie and get her on his good side. He is going to attempt to Secure an Advantage using +heart,

Action Die ROLL = 5+2 = 7

Challenge DIce ROLLs = 4 and 8. A Weak Hit. Take a +1 on your next move.

“Listen, love,” says James, “I’m just a man here on a job. I have no interest in disrupting your goings on.” He smiles at her and adds, “Unless you’re looking for an interruption.”
Valkyrie cocks her head at the flirt. She’s not convinced he is telling the truth, but it has been a long time since someone dared to compliment her. “You best hope I don’t feel like I need a distraction, friend.”

“Basilisk,” says James.

“Valkyrie,” she says before signaling her entourage and heading back to more pressing matters.


James realizes he has a relatively short time under watchful eyes to finish his job. Whatever is happening in this place is volatile and he wants nothing to do with it. So He is going Gather Information (+wits, +1 from the previous roll), asking around about Warden and hoping to find some clue about his target’s whereabouts.

Action Die ROLL = 6 + 3 = 9.

CHallenge Dice ROLLs = 9 and 4. A Weak Hit. Information provides new insight, but also complicates the quest. +1 Momentum.


Given the complication, I think this is a good time to introduce the other faction leaders.

James wanders the camp, asking workers, cultists and scientists about Warden. Few people seem to want to speak with him, until a young individual in Precursor Cult robes approaches him. “There are those that can help you, if you can help them,” the cultist says. James is happy to finally make some headway and follows them to a large temporary structure surrounded by what looks like scientific equipment.

Upon entering, he sees two figures who are currently examining a holographic map. One is an androgynous, old and haggard cybernetic figure, obviously augmented for scientific inquiry. The other is slightly unsettling: a man, broad and squat, but with a smoothness of skin and a strange inner light that makes him look like a holo-companion come to fleshy life. The latter wears a large slug thrower on his hip, while the former is unarmed but somehow feels more dangerous.

“Ah,” says the cyborg, “they found you. Good.”

James turns on his “have we met?” smile and opens his mouth, but the weird one with the gun says, “Don’t bother asking. Kaisa here is tied into the camp surveillance. I am Static.”

“We hear you are looking for mister Warden,” says Kaisa the cyborg. “What a coincidence. So are we.”

NEXT TIME: Scouring the no-go zone for Warden!


Momentum +7

Supply +5

Health +5

Spirit +5

Ship Integrity 5

Hunter Hunted Clock 1 / 8

They Progress 0 / 10 (Formidable)

Iron Vow 0 / 10 (Epic)


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