Ironsworn: Starforged 006: The Vault Camp Details

The Precursor Vault that prompted the establishment of Reverie is a mystery — even to me! So before James makes his way to the Vault Camp, let’s roll to find out some details of the Vault.

Location is already established as Planetside, so no need to roll.

Scale ROLL = 97: Vast Site of Unfathomable Complexity. It sounds like those sinkholes we saw last time do in fact have something to do with the Vault and the Precursors.

Form Roll = 34: Structure. It is however something recognizable constructed and stationary and meant to be occupied.

“Unfathomable Complexity” suggests I should skip the Shape roll.

Material ROLL = 97: Roll Twice. ROLLs 34 and 76: Metallic (smooth) and Bone-like. Perhaps it is the exoskeleton of a vast metallic creature, or at least was designed to appear as such.

Outer First Look ROLL = Electromagnetic Field. Maybe the reason neither the Cult, the scientists or the prospectors have managed to open it is because the Vault is surrounded by a powerful EM field, making the usual tools dangerous to use. That suggests to me that Boss Takara is tired of waiting and has ordered the opening of the Vault despite the danger.

I won’t roll Inner First Look or Purpose until (if) the Vault is opened.

I also want to know more about the Vault Camp. This is where the preparations are being made to finally open the vault, of course. For a long time it was mostly a few tents occupied by a few scientists and cultists who mostly argued purely theoretical ideas about opening the Vault. But now, with Boss Takara pushing, the three factions (Scientists, Cultists, and Prospectors) are more numerous and in tension with one another. I want to know who the leaders of each faction are and what they are about to help guide James’ interactions as he seeks out Warden.


Name ROLLs = 48 20: Kaisa Valk (they/them)

First Look ROLLs = 24 46: Augmented and Haggard. Kaisa is a cyborg (the science kind, not the war kind) but it has been a long time since they received proper maintenance. What’s more, all the political maneuvering has taken its toll on the scientist, who would rather be left to just study the Vault.

Initial Disposition ROLL = Wanting. When Kaisa hears an outsider has come, they are aiming to get James’ help to convince Boss Takara to not go through with trying to muscle his way into the Vault.


Name ROLL = 83: Static. I decided arbitrarily that the cultists go by Callsigns only.

First Look ROLLs = 84 15: Uncanny and Armed. There is something “off” about Static. Perhaps proximity to precursor artifacts and vaults has strangely altered his features. Also, Static is packing heat. This is the frontier, after all.

Initial Disposition ROLL = 56: Wanting. Static wants something, too. I am going to roll on the Focus core oracle to get an idea of what. ROLL = 25: Dimension. So — currently there are 3 factions (dimensions) interested in the Vault, where formerly there were 2. Static preferred it that way, and would like it to return to just the Scientists and the Cultists wrangling over the best way to study the Vault. Static wants Boss Takara and his Prospector faction out of the calculations, and is willing to use James to make it happen if he can.


While Boss Takara is the overall leader, I think there is a Prospector in charge of the Camp that is Takara’s chief lieutenant.

Name ROLLs = 47 91 25: Juro “Valkyrie” Creed.

First Look ROLLs = 6 64: Accompanied and Scarred. Valkyrie is never alone — she always has muscle on hand — and it is clear she has seen some shit.

Initial Disposition ROLL = 90: Threatening. Unsurprising. Boss Tanaka and his “Valkyrie” obviously use intimidation and threats to get things done. The Prospectors are going to crack the Vault, and anyone getting in the way is going to get cracked, too.

Finally, let’s roll to find out what Warden’s current situation is. I will use the Story Complication oracle for this. ROLL = 2: Crucial Equipment or Device Fails. Since it has been established that opening the Vault under current circumstances is dangerous, there must have been a plan to avoid the EM field problem. I think the Scientists and Cultists had managed to create a “field inhibitor” of some sort, although still a very experimental one, and Warden volunteered to place it and activate it so the Vault could be opened safely. That obviously hasn’t happened? Why? Did something happen to Warden when he tried to use it?

Next time, let’s play to find out!

As an aside, I definitely feel like I am prepping too much and playing too little. I will try and let James’ actions guide me over the next few sessions instead of trying to build the world he will be acting in.


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