Ironsworn: Starforged 004_First Quest

Last time, I finished up by determining that James “Basilisk” Rokuro had been asked for help “Investigate Terrifying Manifestations at a Remote Settlement” by an individual on Lastport while Gathering Information about the They that massacred his community. Before James embarks on that quest, I want to know more about the “quest giver”, the “remote settlement” and the “terrifying manifestation.”

THE QUEST GIVER: Annora Petrov (random)

First, I will figure out exactly who this character is by (of course) rolling to find out!

First Look (roll twice) Roll = 87: Visibly DIsabled and Roll = 74: Slight

Initial Disposition Roll = 09: Friendly

Character Role Roll = 45: Lawkeeper

Character Goal Roll = 19: Defend a Person

Revealed Character Aspect Roll = Law-Abiding and Roll = 32: Disabled (twice now!)

NOTE: I am using this “Revealed” table ahead of time, since this is the first NPC James will be interacting with and I want to build a full fledged character in my head.

Annora Petrov is one of the Lawkeepers on Lastport: part frontier sheriff, part attorney, and part city councilman. She retired to the job after being severely wounded in a pirate attack at the end of her “galactic ranger” days. She is missing her left leg below the thigh and gets around on a cheap but functional prosthesis. Her right hand is missing as well but she hasn’t bothered with a replacement. She instead uses a muscle articulated grip with which she can perform basic tasks. Her left hand is whole and still one of the fastest on the station when needs arise.

She took a shine to Basilisk the moment she saw him. She’s in her early middle age, notably older than James, but still attractive. When she caught wind of him asking around about the massacre, she listened to him and promised to look into it.

However, Annora has something more pressing on her mind. Back when she was a ranger, she frequently visited a remote settlement and has kept tabs on the place because someone she cares about lives there. Recently, news has reached her of something very bad happening there and she has lost contact with the person she cares about. She is in no condition to go find out herself, but James is and she promises to look into his They while he is checking on the settlement and her person for her.

THE SETTLEMENT: Reverie (I swear that was random; nice fit!)

Now, let’s figure out what and where this “remote settlement” is.

Location Roll = 40: Planetside

Planet Roll = 7: Desert World. Feature Roll = 100: Precursor Vault!

Population Roll = 61: Hundreds

First Look Roll = 83: Temporary location

Settlement Project Roll = 77: Spirituality

Settlement Trouble Roll not needed: “terrifying manifestations”

Reverie was established by a Precursor Cult — zealous but harmless — that came to the unnamed desert world when initial surveys revealed the Precursor Vault. Such vaults always attract attention, and while the cult only has a few dozen members, a large number of prospectors, scientists, ne’er-do-wells and profiteers have joined the community. If and when the Vault is opened, that number will swell from the hundreds to the thousands. For now, Reverie is a relatively small frontier town, with all that implies.

GOAL: Annora Petrov’s Son “Warden”

While the Precursor Vault is intriguing, that’s not why James is coming to Reverie. The goal is to discover the fate of Annora’s person.

Let’s start with Character Role Roll = 29: Fugitive. Interesting.

Let’s add a Character Goal Roll = 76. Spread Faith. Serendipity!

Name Rol = 95: Warden (we will just go with the callsign column here).

Finally, I am going to roll a d6 to see if Warden is 1-2 A familial relation of Annora’s, 3-4 A former romantic partner, or 5-6 A professional relation. Roll = 1: familial

Annora’s son Warden rebelled hard against his ranger mother and found himself in a lot of trouble across the Hidden Desolation sector. That is until he had a religious epiphany upon coming in contact with a Precursor Artifact. Soon after he joined the cult that would eventually found Reverie. Annora did not like it, but it was safer than Warden’s former life of crime, so she fought her maternal instincts and just kept tabs on Warden from afar. Now, there is trouble and she can’t remain involved any longer, so she sends James out to find Warden and at least make sure he is alive and well.

This is enough to get started. Next time, James will arrive at Reverie and we will roll to find out what happens as he looks for Warden and confronts “terrifying manifestations”.


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