Ironsworn: Starforged 003: Opening Moves

Let’s get this show on the road and start an adventure!

STEP 1: Envision an Inciting Incident

James “Basilisk” Rokuro is traveling the Hidden Desolation sector in search of that that massacred his community, “piloting” a biomechanical ship with whom he has somehow managed to form a symbiotic relationship. I am going to say that the ship looks mostly “normal” at first glance but it wouldn’t take long for someone inspecting it carefully to realize it wasn’t what it seemed.

Anyway, Basilisk has come to Lastport in hopes of tracking down some leads about the power that he is hunting — and is in turn hunting him. I am going to give him an 8 segment tension clock called Hunter Hunted. Anytime James makes a Gather Information move to discover the nature of the attackers, he risks exposing himself as a survivor of the attack. A miss on the check fills two segments and a weak hit fills one. When the clock is filled, the hunter becomes the hunted and They send a force to finish the job.

There is also a 

So James arrives in the “frontier” settlement of Lastport and after securing a berth for the Vengeance, he heads for the seedier sections of the station in search of clues. He rolls +Wits to Gather Information.

Action Die (d6) = 2 +1 Wits = 3. Oof. Not great.

Challenge dice (d10) = 1 and 5. Whew.

James gets a weak hit, meaning he fills one segment of the Hunter Hunted clock. He also gains +1 momentum (+3 total) and some insight into his quarry. I feel like word of the massacre has reached Lastport but the people James has talked to don’t know much more than that.

I am going to create a Formidable progress track that represents James’ uncovering the identity of They. This is only the first step on his ultimate quest. A strong hit on a move meant to find out more about them will mark progress. For now, James is still in the dark.

The weak hit also complicates his situation. Since this is just the start of the adventure and I still need an Inciting Incident, I am going to say that the individual James is getting information from needs some sort of help.

Let’s roll to find out what kind of help! (using the table on page 130)

Roll = 45: Investigate Terrifying Manifestations at a Remote Settlement

Wow — that’s a pretty heavy start. Next time, I will roll up some information about this particular “quest giver” so I can create a Connection track, as well as roll up the “remote settlement” and ask the Oracle about the “terrifying manifestations.”


Momentum +3

Supply +5

Health +5

Spirit +5

Ship Integrity 5

Hunter Hunted Clock 1 / 8

They Progress 0 / 10 (Formidable)

Iron Vow 0 / 10 (Epic)

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