Level X, Room 18

0X.18: The Long Tunnel

Form: A twisting subterranean tunnel connecting distant parts of the underrealm.

Illumination: Patches of dim light from bioluminescent fungi separated by stretches of complete darkness.

At First Glance: The long tunnel is really a series of passages that lead a circuitous route between the hunting grounds (0X.17) and the fungal forest (0X.03). There are a few dead ends but by and large it is a “straight shot” so long as you know where you are going.

On Closer Inspection: The long tunnel has long been used by garklings — both to test young young hunters in the hunting grounds, but also as a connection to Undertown for trade. Perceptive and experienced spelunkers can easily see the signs of regular passage by garklings and others. The long tunnel, with all of its switch backs, is ten miles or more in to total length, though the direct distance is half that.

Secrets: Sometimes subterranean creatures haunt the long tunnel. Every hour there is a chance of an encounter with a predator such as deep mollux or a vorpian manticadid. In the entire length of the travel, there is also a change of either a garkling party, a trader from Undertown, or a group of Whisperers.

Connections: As stated, the long tunnel connects the fungal forest (0X.03) to the hunting grounds (0X.17). In addition, a rarely traveled side passage leads south to the the forgotten Tomb of the Three Eyed King (0X.19).


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