Level X, Room 17

0X.17: Garkling Hunting Grounds

Form: A series of caverns of various sizes and elevations dominated by fungal forest and hoppers.

Illumination: Natural dim bioluminescent light.

At First Glance: This region is similar to the fungal forest (0X.03), but instead of one large cavern it is a series of smaller caverns connected by passages and tunnels. The caverns are at different elevations and are damp, resulting in pools and streams. The flora is all fungi, ranging from mossy “grass” to mushroom “trees” as well as more dangerous spore pods and lashing growths.

On Closer Inspection: These caverns are full of insect life, the most common of which are hoppers (which the garkling capture as larvae and then domesticate) as well as spined creepers, bleating scorps and milk grubs.

Secrets: None of these are what the garklings hunt, however. Young garkling warriors come to the hunting grounds to prove their mettle against the cunning, power and venom of the vorpian manticadids that dwell here. Few manage to down such a monstrosity, of course. It is escaping with only a scar or minor mutilation that marks a young garkling as a great hunter in the making.

Treasure: Hopper larvae are prized by the garklings and also sell well in Undertown. Milk grubs are popular with Baelishite dwarves for brewing, and the venom of the bleating scorps is an important  reagent in healing draughts. There are other medicinals in the forest as well as edible fungi, too.

Connections: In addition to the connection undertown (0X.15) the caverns of the hunting grounds lead to the garkling “long tunnel” (0X.18) that connects the hunting grounds to the fungal forest (0X.03).


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