Level X, Room 15

0X.15: Undertown

Form: A fortified village in a large cavern.

Illumination: Bright light provided by bioluminescent fungus.

At First Glance: Undertown is similar in construction to Whisperdale, except it is not dominated by a massive temple, and much of the construction is clearly Baelishite dwarven in style. There are a few dozen buildings, including residences, workshops, merchants, inns and taverns and municipal buildings. While fortified, its gates are open so long as no alert from the Undertown gate has been called. Guards patrol day and night, ready for trouble.

On Closer Inspection: Undertown was established by the Baelishite dwarves when they abandoned their bastion. The chasm provided more security and so they built their invisible bridge and then the great wall and gate. As time went on, more and more accidental travelers found themselves in the underrealm of the Godecho and the dwarves took many in. Eventually Undertown transformed from being a dwarven settlement to a town full of the lost and exiled.

The population of Undertown is about 200, half of which are Baelishite dwarves — specifically, lost Baelishite dwarven soldiers and support professionals. The non dwarven population is dominated by adventurer types — the sorts of folks likely to find themselves lost in the depths of the earth at the mercy of the semi-sentient memory of a malevolent divinity.

Secrets: Undertown is essentially at war with Whisperdale, but it is a cold war. The cultists of the Godecho desire to destroy or enslave all of the people of Undertown, but must also by necessity deal with them occasionally. For their part, the people of Undertown wouldn’t mind seeing the Whisperers destroyed either, but Mayor Balask Gilmanath is not willing to make the necessary sacrifice in lives it would require. In addition, there is the concern that if the Whisperers actually have the Godecho’s favor, destroying them might bring the wrath of the entity down on the town.


Treasure: While supplies are limited there is regular trade in Undertown, both among residents and between Undertown and the Garklings and even a little trade with Whisperdale. Characters can buy regular equipment. In addition, there are a few alehouses and two taverns in town along with a “inn” (more of a flophouse) where they can rest.

Connections: East of Undertown lies the Undertown gate (0X.14). South of Undertown, a tunnel leads to garkling hunting grounds (0X.17).

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