Level X, Room 16

0X.15: Undertown

This is going to take some extra effort to detail fully so I am going to leave it for now.

0X.16: Lair of the Blasphelemental

NOTE: I don’t know right this second where I am going to place this. I have to sketch out the “dungeon” half of the underrealm, where the power of the Godecho reigns.

Form: A stinking, fetid cavern that serves as a gateway deeper into the underrealm of the Godecho.

Illumination: The same bouncing light, like reflections off a pond, as found in the echo chamber (0X.10) provides inconsistent dim light.

At First Glance: As the characters approach this cavern they begin to hear whispers. If they take time to stop and listen they can’t make out much, but the words that are discernable are the vilest, most blasphemous curses they have ever heard.

On Closer Inspection: Entering the cavern reveals a place of filth and gore. Stone and fungi are covered in offal and the air is thick with putrescent miasma and buzzing insects. At the far end of the cavern, perhaps one hundred yards away, they can see a cave mouth leading out. The whispers here are louder and sharper and angier and intrude on even the most self controlled mind.

Secrets: The blasphemelemental is a formless monster. It is the miasma and the insects. It is the composite hate of the Godecho, that unknowable thing’s wrath at whatever gods disgorged it from heaven. It is literally blasphemous malevolence given life. It can drive creatures mad with its whispers, cause them to kill their most beloved friends and companions, and turn them against their patron gods. It can also simply strip the flesh from one’s bones or turn their flesh inside out. It can’t be permanently defeated while the Godecho exists, but it can be driven off with holy light, unspoiled love or selfless sacrifice.

Deaf creatures are immune to the power of the whispers but may still be devoured or exploded.

Treasure: Many creatures, travelers and explorers have succumbed in this cavern. Anyone who dares spend the time to search through the offal here rolls for a random treasure.

Connections: Beyond this cavern, Godecho’s power is more prominent and tangible. See 0X.xx.


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