Level X, Room 14

0X.14: Undertown Gate

Form: A narrower cavern tunnel dominated by a wall and gate.

Illumination: Intentionally cultivated bioluminescent fungi create a well lit area in front of the gate.

At First Glance: Beyond the chasm, the cavern narrows into a wide tunnel and about a quarter mile beyond there is a wall of worked stone across the tunnel with a massive fungal wood, stone and iron gate at its center.

On Further Inspection: The wall and gate are manned by veteran soldiers from Undertown. They are armed with individual bolt throwers and there are four hurlers loaded with deathspore pods ready to fire. They challenge anyone who comes within range of the gate.

Secrets: The commander of the Undetown gate is a baelishite dwarf named Lenja Furaskat. Her two dozen troops are half dwarfish but the rest represent all kinds, including a couple garklings. She is charged with securing Undertown from threats, whether an army of Godecho cultists, a rampaging monster, or insidious visitors. The characters must convince her that they mean no harm before she will let them pass. If they previously aided the garklings, word has reached her of this and she is predisposed to trust them.

If Furaskat allows the characters entry, the massive main gate does not open. Rather a secret stair built into the wall extends out with metallic whirring and stone grinding. The characters take the stair to the top of the wall and then the stair grinds back into the wall leaving no trace of its existence.

Treasure: If the characters are low on basic supplies and made a good impression, Furaskat can replenish food, water, torches and ammunition.

Connections: Beyond the wall lies Undertown (0X.15).


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