Level X, Room 13

0X.13: Resonant Cave

Form: The inside of an immense geode.

Illumination: Unlit but even the dimmest light causes the chamber to be brightly lit as the crystals bounce the light all around.

At First Glance: This cave is roughly spherical and approximately 100 feet in diameter with the entrance two-thirds of the way up the north wall. It is dominated by massive crystals of all colors and different shapes and sizes. They point mostly inward toward the center of the cave. The room is, in effect, the inside of a massive geode.

On Further Inspection: The resonant cave can be explored, though the going is treacherous with so many sharp crystals at odd angles. If a character slips and falls or otherwise strikes a crystal, it vibrates with a unique pitch for a few moments.

Secrets: This chamber is excessively dangerous to the clumsy and curious. If more than one crystal is caused to vibrate as described above and they are within a few yards of each other, their tones match frequency shortly and begin to grow. Then other crystals near them start to vibrate at the same frequency. The effect spreads until the entire chamber is vibrating. Then, the crystals all explode, filling the chamber with razor sharp shards of crystal flying at furious speed.

Treasure: A fist sized chunk of crystal from this cave could fetch a fine price — high enough to tempt characters into hammering off a few pieces…

Connections: There are no exits from the cave besides the one leading to the Helgate Chasm (0X.07).


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