Level X, Room 12

0X.12: Dungeons of the Whisperers

Form: Subeterranean cells and torture chambers below the Temple of the Godecho.

Lighting: Dim torchlight and faint bioluminescent fungi.

At First Glance: The dungeons beneath the Temple of the Godecho are  damp, dark and full of pain and sorrow. Rows of small cells line long hallways that lead to chambers where all manner of tortures occur. The cultists down here enjoy their work, for they themselves likely suffered it to prove their allegiance upon arrival in Whisperdale or reaching an age of maturity.

On Further Inspection: The cultist jailers are commanded by Goaler Qalm, a massive man whose fat bulk belies great physical power. This sadist is a true believer in the Godecho and faithful servant of The Rasp Baleful. He proves his faith by commanding his jailers to torture him every fortnight, an act in which he takes vile pleasure. No one escapes the dungeons of the whisperers unless Gaoler Qalm deems that they are true hearted or have been thoroughly broken by his tender arts. He is not infallible, however, and is so convinced of his own ability as a torturer that he can conceivably be fooled (after enough blood and tears have been spilled).

Secrets: Among the half dozen or so wretched prisoners in the dungeons is a feykin witchwyrd named Arto Dreeb. Dreeb came to the underrealm of the Godecho accidentally while exploring beneath parenix Manor like the characters, and if freed will help them as best he can in the quest to escape. Unfortunately, his wings and hands were shattered by Gaoler Qalm during his tortures and can neither fly nor weave glamour,

Treasure: There is little of worth in the dungeons except for the trinkets Gaoler Qalm keeps from those who have been brought to him. These fetishes range from wedding rings to teeth and eyes. Though of little monetary value, they would serve as potent reagents in necromancy and other dark arts.

Connections: There is no escape route from the dungeons except back up into the Temple.

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