Level X, Room 11

0X.11: Whisperdale

Form: A small town surrounding a large temple.

Illumination: Bright bioluminescent “street lights” in an otherwise dimly lit cavern.

At First Glance: Following the blazed trail out of the labyrinthine tunnels (0X.06) leads to this large, open cavern. It is dominated by a walled town made of stone and fungal-wood structures. Perhaps four score buildings — mostly homes and workshops — surround a multistory temple topped with fluted towers. The walls and gate are guarded by figures in hide armor.

On Closer Inspection: Whisperdale is the home of the cult of the Godecho, the Whisperers. People of all races are found within, having been drawn to the Godecho’s service by dreams and whispers in the deep caverns. About half of the 100 or so inhabitants are travelers who were lost in the underrealm. The rest are the descendents of those. Whisperdale is nearly a century old.

Secrets: Whisperdale does not welcome travelers. Anyone coming to the gates is arrested and interrogated beneath the temple. True believers drawn to the town will reveal themselves under duress as surely as spies will. However, due to a tenuous peace agreement, traders and messengers sent from Undertown (0X.xx) will be allowed entrance and cold hospitality if they carry official documents identifying themselves as such.

The leader of Whisperdale is a gaunt creature called The Rasp Baleful. Dressed ever in dark robes, nothing can be determined of the Rasp’s species or gender. The main function of the Rasp seems to be to lead the cultists in worship of the Godecho and ordering the execution of interlopers and spies (real and imagined).

There is an even chance whenever the characters visit Whisperdale that the Rasp and their entourage are away in the echo chamber (0X.10), as well as an even chance a Baelishite dwarf trader from Undertown called Maretha Ardzeth is in Whisperdale on business.

Treasure: There is little to be gained in Whisperdale even if the characters choose to besiege the place. The Whisperers live spartan lives in service to their strange deity. Most of what they trade with Undertown for are necessities and weapons. If Maretha Ardzeth is present, she is usually carrying a few weapons and some provisions.

Connections: Beneath the Temple to the Godecho are the Dungeons of the Whisperers (0X.12). The characters may find themselves there unwillingly. Beyond the town itself a stream fed by a spring empties into a submerged tunnel going south (0X.xx).


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