Level X, Room 10

0X.10: Echo Chamber

Form: A large, dead end cavern.

Illumination: Dim, colorless light.

At First Glance: Mmerging from the twisting passages, those entering the echo chamber not its high ceiling and undulating walls. It is illuminated by a cold, colorless light that bounces around the chamber, almost like light reflected from a rippling pond but with no apparent source.

On Closer Inspection: Any sound made in the echo chamber reverberates and distorts as it echoes off the strangely curved walls. The louder the sound, the longer it echoes and the more strangely distorted it is by the time it fades. Normal sounds echoed in the chamber are disconcerting but not harmful.

Secrets: The echo chamber is used by the whisperers to cast their ritual hymns. Their joined voices fill with power and become the voice of the Godecho itself. It issues commands, portends the future, names enemies and sometimes grants dark boons to those who sing to the Godecho here.

Connections: the echo chamber is a dead end and connects only to the labyrinthine tunnels (0x.06).


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