Level X, Room 6

0X.06: Labyrinthine Tunnels

Form: Tight, twisting caverns.

Illumination: Pitch black.

At First Glance: Like the hunting grounds (0X.02) that led here, these caverns are tight, twisting, jagged tunnels that stop unexpectedly, turn back on one another and otherwise confound attempts to navigate them.

On Closer Inspection: Evidence suggests that creatures do traverse these tunnels: corpses and skeletons, dropped gear and the occasional attempt at a hatch mark or blazed sign.

Secrets: The whisperers — the Godecho’s cultists in the chambers beyond — know these tunnels well, using them to spy on and sometimes abduct garklings as well as investigate new arrivals. They leave a very subtle trail of marks that canny characters can use to navigate the paths.

Treasure: There is a minor chance of discovering a random piece of lost mundane gear for every hour spent exploring the labyrinthine tunnels.

Connections: Following the whisperers’ marks leads  between the hunting grounds (0X.02) and the echo chamber (0X.xx) to the north  and Whisperdale (0X.xx) to the west. However, misinterpreting the signs will lead the too-clever-for-their-own-good characters down into sparkling death (0X.xx).

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