Level X, Room 3

0X.03: Fungal Forest

Form: A large cavern (a mile longa nd a half mile at its widest point) with varying terrain, dominated by fungal “trees” and other flora.

Illumination: A massive bioluminescent ball grows on the ceiling, looking like and providing light similar to a full moon.

At First Glance: The forest of fungal “trees” and “bushes” is dense with growth. There are hundreds of different kinds of fungi here and lots of insects and small animals like lizards and reptilian bat analogs.

On Close Inspection: Perceptive characters will find game trails and also be able to tell that specific kinds of fungal growths are harvested for materials (the “wood” of the hut in area 0X.01) or for food (indicating what is safe to eat).

Secrets: There is a moderate chance that garkling foresters are present in the fungal forest when the PCs arrive. They will stay hidden and attempt to observe the PCs to determine their intent before either fleeing back to their village (0X.04) if the PCs seem dangerous, or parlaying with them if the PCs seem safe.

Treasure: If characters spend an hour harvesting, they can acquire enough food for an adult humanoid for one full day. Harvested fungal fruits will last 2d4-1 days before rotting and becoming toxic.

Connections: A passage northwest leads to the underground lake shore (0X.01) and a passage to the northeast leads to the garkling village (0X.04).


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