Level X, Room 2

0X.02: Hunting Grounds

Form: A complex of rough natural caverns connected by twisting tunnels.

Illumination: Utter darkness except for the hint of bioluminescence at the southern entrance from area 0X.01.

At First Glance: The area consists of at least a dozen cavern chambers — all tight and unhewn — connected by narrow, twisting tunnels. They are all devoid of any life. Not even lichen or luminous fungus grow on the walls or ceiling.

On Closer Inspection: Examination reveals that the caverns are scored by what appears to be acid, explaining why nothing grows or lives here.

Secrets: This region is the hunting grounds of an insatiable deep mollux, a surprisingly stealthy and fast moving slug like monstrosity. It begins to stalk the characters as soon as they enter and will ambush any stragglers, first spitting paralytic acid at them then swallowing them whole. The mollux will not leave its hunting grounds.

Treasure: If the mollux is killed and dissected, a suit of magical mermaid scale armor is found in its gut, undigested.

Connections: A tunnel south leads to 0X.01 and a branching cavern leads north east (0X.05) and north west (0X.06).

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