Level X, Room 1

I am switching up format for February, as well as exploring a much deeper and weirder level. note that I will be using more of a point crawl format than a keyed mapped format.

Level X: The Underrealm of the Godecho

Somewhere in the dungeons below Parenix Manor, there is an arcane portal. It’s origin is unknown — it certainly existed long before the Manor was built and perhaps long before the first ancient tomb was dug in Mornrax Hill. Its power is immense but unreliable and anyone passing through it surely did so by accident. How they might ever find their way back is unknown, even if such a thing is possible.

The portal leads to a vast underground realm full of wonder and horror. The realm itself seems to be sentient, and its hatred and malevolent will are palpable. The realm’s inhabitants call it the Godecho, and indeed it seems to be the lingering thought of some dark divine power.

Once characters enter the Underrealm of the Godecho, they are trapped until they discover the way out. Not even planar magic or reality warping wishes can free the unfortunate visitors. Luckily, the underrealm is not desolate and is inhabited by some creatures that are potentially helpful. Even so, horrible monsters and the Godecho’s own cruelly will haunt and hunt the characters as long as they are imprisoned in the realm.

0X.01: The Distant Shore

Form: A small rocky island in a wide underground lake.

Illumination: Bioluminescent moss grows on the ceiling perhaps a hundred feet above, creating a greenish twilight.

At First Glance: The rocky island is roughly 60 feet across. There is a hut made of what appears to be wood in the center of the isle and a garden patch of various fungi adjacent. There is a boat big enough for 4 persons tied up next to small dock.

On Closer Inspection: The “wood” is actually some dense, hard form of fungus cut into planks. The boat is made of the same stuff. The fungus in the garden is edible, but it looks like it is overgrown and hasn’t been harvested in a long time. Inside the hut, there is furnishing for a single individual about human sized, but little else can be gleaned.

Secrets: The owner of the hut, a garkling called Vulgaxl, is currently a prisoner of the Godecho (see room 0X.xx) for the crime of helping travelers upon their arrival. A deep sturgeon patrols the waters around the island and attacks anyone taking the boat or swimming in the waters.

Connections: The lake is about a half mile in diameter, with fungus covered shores ranging from a few feet to a few dozen yards in width before the cavern walls. There are passages north (0X.02), south east (0X.03) and west (0X.03).


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