Level X, Room 18

0X.18: The Long Tunnel

Form: A twisting subterranean tunnel connecting distant parts of the underrealm.

Illumination: Patches of dim light from bioluminescent fungi separated by stretches of complete darkness.

At First Glance: The long tunnel is really a series of passages that lead a circuitous route between the hunting grounds (0X.17) and the fungal forest (0X.03). There are a few dead ends but by and large it is a “straight shot” so long as you know where you are going.

On Closer Inspection: The long tunnel has long been used by garklings — both to test young young hunters in the hunting grounds, but also as a connection to Undertown for trade. Perceptive and experienced spelunkers can easily see the signs of regular passage by garklings and others. The long tunnel, with all of its switch backs, is ten miles or more in to total length, though the direct distance is half that.

Secrets: Sometimes subterranean creatures haunt the long tunnel. Every hour there is a chance of an encounter with a predator such as deep mollux or a vorpian manticadid. In the entire length of the travel, there is also a change of either a garkling party, a trader from Undertown, or a group of Whisperers.

Connections: As stated, the long tunnel connects the fungal forest (0X.03) to the hunting grounds (0X.17). In addition, a rarely traveled side passage leads south to the the forgotten Tomb of the Three Eyed King (0X.19).

Level X, Room 17

0X.17: Garkling Hunting Grounds

Form: A series of caverns of various sizes and elevations dominated by fungal forest and hoppers.

Illumination: Natural dim bioluminescent light.

At First Glance: This region is similar to the fungal forest (0X.03), but instead of one large cavern it is a series of smaller caverns connected by passages and tunnels. The caverns are at different elevations and are damp, resulting in pools and streams. The flora is all fungi, ranging from mossy “grass” to mushroom “trees” as well as more dangerous spore pods and lashing growths.

On Closer Inspection: These caverns are full of insect life, the most common of which are hoppers (which the garkling capture as larvae and then domesticate) as well as spined creepers, bleating scorps and milk grubs.

Secrets: None of these are what the garklings hunt, however. Young garkling warriors come to the hunting grounds to prove their mettle against the cunning, power and venom of the vorpian manticadids that dwell here. Few manage to down such a monstrosity, of course. It is escaping with only a scar or minor mutilation that marks a young garkling as a great hunter in the making.

Treasure: Hopper larvae are prized by the garklings and also sell well in Undertown. Milk grubs are popular with Baelishite dwarves for brewing, and the venom of the bleating scorps is an important  reagent in healing draughts. There are other medicinals in the forest as well as edible fungi, too.

Connections: In addition to the connection undertown (0X.15) the caverns of the hunting grounds lead to the garkling “long tunnel” (0X.18) that connects the hunting grounds to the fungal forest (0X.03).

Level X, Room 15

0X.15: Undertown

Form: A fortified village in a large cavern.

Illumination: Bright light provided by bioluminescent fungus.

At First Glance: Undertown is similar in construction to Whisperdale, except it is not dominated by a massive temple, and much of the construction is clearly Baelishite dwarven in style. There are a few dozen buildings, including residences, workshops, merchants, inns and taverns and municipal buildings. While fortified, its gates are open so long as no alert from the Undertown gate has been called. Guards patrol day and night, ready for trouble.

On Closer Inspection: Undertown was established by the Baelishite dwarves when they abandoned their bastion. The chasm provided more security and so they built their invisible bridge and then the great wall and gate. As time went on, more and more accidental travelers found themselves in the underrealm of the Godecho and the dwarves took many in. Eventually Undertown transformed from being a dwarven settlement to a town full of the lost and exiled.

The population of Undertown is about 200, half of which are Baelishite dwarves — specifically, lost Baelishite dwarven soldiers and support professionals. The non dwarven population is dominated by adventurer types — the sorts of folks likely to find themselves lost in the depths of the earth at the mercy of the semi-sentient memory of a malevolent divinity.

Secrets: Undertown is essentially at war with Whisperdale, but it is a cold war. The cultists of the Godecho desire to destroy or enslave all of the people of Undertown, but must also by necessity deal with them occasionally. For their part, the people of Undertown wouldn’t mind seeing the Whisperers destroyed either, but Mayor Balask Gilmanath is not willing to make the necessary sacrifice in lives it would require. In addition, there is the concern that if the Whisperers actually have the Godecho’s favor, destroying them might bring the wrath of the entity down on the town.


Treasure: While supplies are limited there is regular trade in Undertown, both among residents and between Undertown and the Garklings and even a little trade with Whisperdale. Characters can buy regular equipment. In addition, there are a few alehouses and two taverns in town along with a “inn” (more of a flophouse) where they can rest.

Connections: East of Undertown lies the Undertown gate (0X.14). South of Undertown, a tunnel leads to garkling hunting grounds (0X.17).

Level X, Room 16

0X.15: Undertown

This is going to take some extra effort to detail fully so I am going to leave it for now.

0X.16: Lair of the Blasphelemental

NOTE: I don’t know right this second where I am going to place this. I have to sketch out the “dungeon” half of the underrealm, where the power of the Godecho reigns.

Form: A stinking, fetid cavern that serves as a gateway deeper into the underrealm of the Godecho.

Illumination: The same bouncing light, like reflections off a pond, as found in the echo chamber (0X.10) provides inconsistent dim light.

At First Glance: As the characters approach this cavern they begin to hear whispers. If they take time to stop and listen they can’t make out much, but the words that are discernable are the vilest, most blasphemous curses they have ever heard.

On Closer Inspection: Entering the cavern reveals a place of filth and gore. Stone and fungi are covered in offal and the air is thick with putrescent miasma and buzzing insects. At the far end of the cavern, perhaps one hundred yards away, they can see a cave mouth leading out. The whispers here are louder and sharper and angier and intrude on even the most self controlled mind.

Secrets: The blasphemelemental is a formless monster. It is the miasma and the insects. It is the composite hate of the Godecho, that unknowable thing’s wrath at whatever gods disgorged it from heaven. It is literally blasphemous malevolence given life. It can drive creatures mad with its whispers, cause them to kill their most beloved friends and companions, and turn them against their patron gods. It can also simply strip the flesh from one’s bones or turn their flesh inside out. It can’t be permanently defeated while the Godecho exists, but it can be driven off with holy light, unspoiled love or selfless sacrifice.

Deaf creatures are immune to the power of the whispers but may still be devoured or exploded.

Treasure: Many creatures, travelers and explorers have succumbed in this cavern. Anyone who dares spend the time to search through the offal here rolls for a random treasure.

Connections: Beyond this cavern, Godecho’s power is more prominent and tangible. See 0X.xx.

Level X, Room 14

0X.14: Undertown Gate

Form: A narrower cavern tunnel dominated by a wall and gate.

Illumination: Intentionally cultivated bioluminescent fungi create a well lit area in front of the gate.

At First Glance: Beyond the chasm, the cavern narrows into a wide tunnel and about a quarter mile beyond there is a wall of worked stone across the tunnel with a massive fungal wood, stone and iron gate at its center.

On Further Inspection: The wall and gate are manned by veteran soldiers from Undertown. They are armed with individual bolt throwers and there are four hurlers loaded with deathspore pods ready to fire. They challenge anyone who comes within range of the gate.

Secrets: The commander of the Undetown gate is a baelishite dwarf named Lenja Furaskat. Her two dozen troops are half dwarfish but the rest represent all kinds, including a couple garklings. She is charged with securing Undertown from threats, whether an army of Godecho cultists, a rampaging monster, or insidious visitors. The characters must convince her that they mean no harm before she will let them pass. If they previously aided the garklings, word has reached her of this and she is predisposed to trust them.

If Furaskat allows the characters entry, the massive main gate does not open. Rather a secret stair built into the wall extends out with metallic whirring and stone grinding. The characters take the stair to the top of the wall and then the stair grinds back into the wall leaving no trace of its existence.

Treasure: If the characters are low on basic supplies and made a good impression, Furaskat can replenish food, water, torches and ammunition.

Connections: Beyond the wall lies Undertown (0X.15).

Level X, Room 13

0X.13: Resonant Cave

Form: The inside of an immense geode.

Illumination: Unlit but even the dimmest light causes the chamber to be brightly lit as the crystals bounce the light all around.

At First Glance: This cave is roughly spherical and approximately 100 feet in diameter with the entrance two-thirds of the way up the north wall. It is dominated by massive crystals of all colors and different shapes and sizes. They point mostly inward toward the center of the cave. The room is, in effect, the inside of a massive geode.

On Further Inspection: The resonant cave can be explored, though the going is treacherous with so many sharp crystals at odd angles. If a character slips and falls or otherwise strikes a crystal, it vibrates with a unique pitch for a few moments.

Secrets: This chamber is excessively dangerous to the clumsy and curious. If more than one crystal is caused to vibrate as described above and they are within a few yards of each other, their tones match frequency shortly and begin to grow. Then other crystals near them start to vibrate at the same frequency. The effect spreads until the entire chamber is vibrating. Then, the crystals all explode, filling the chamber with razor sharp shards of crystal flying at furious speed.

Treasure: A fist sized chunk of crystal from this cave could fetch a fine price — high enough to tempt characters into hammering off a few pieces…

Connections: There are no exits from the cave besides the one leading to the Helgate Chasm (0X.07).

Level X, Room 12

0X.12: Dungeons of the Whisperers

Form: Subeterranean cells and torture chambers below the Temple of the Godecho.

Lighting: Dim torchlight and faint bioluminescent fungi.

At First Glance: The dungeons beneath the Temple of the Godecho are  damp, dark and full of pain and sorrow. Rows of small cells line long hallways that lead to chambers where all manner of tortures occur. The cultists down here enjoy their work, for they themselves likely suffered it to prove their allegiance upon arrival in Whisperdale or reaching an age of maturity.

On Further Inspection: The cultist jailers are commanded by Goaler Qalm, a massive man whose fat bulk belies great physical power. This sadist is a true believer in the Godecho and faithful servant of The Rasp Baleful. He proves his faith by commanding his jailers to torture him every fortnight, an act in which he takes vile pleasure. No one escapes the dungeons of the whisperers unless Gaoler Qalm deems that they are true hearted or have been thoroughly broken by his tender arts. He is not infallible, however, and is so convinced of his own ability as a torturer that he can conceivably be fooled (after enough blood and tears have been spilled).

Secrets: Among the half dozen or so wretched prisoners in the dungeons is a feykin witchwyrd named Arto Dreeb. Dreeb came to the underrealm of the Godecho accidentally while exploring beneath parenix Manor like the characters, and if freed will help them as best he can in the quest to escape. Unfortunately, his wings and hands were shattered by Gaoler Qalm during his tortures and can neither fly nor weave glamour,

Treasure: There is little of worth in the dungeons except for the trinkets Gaoler Qalm keeps from those who have been brought to him. These fetishes range from wedding rings to teeth and eyes. Though of little monetary value, they would serve as potent reagents in necromancy and other dark arts.

Connections: There is no escape route from the dungeons except back up into the Temple.

Level X, Room 11

0X.11: Whisperdale

Form: A small town surrounding a large temple.

Illumination: Bright bioluminescent “street lights” in an otherwise dimly lit cavern.

At First Glance: Following the blazed trail out of the labyrinthine tunnels (0X.06) leads to this large, open cavern. It is dominated by a walled town made of stone and fungal-wood structures. Perhaps four score buildings — mostly homes and workshops — surround a multistory temple topped with fluted towers. The walls and gate are guarded by figures in hide armor.

On Closer Inspection: Whisperdale is the home of the cult of the Godecho, the Whisperers. People of all races are found within, having been drawn to the Godecho’s service by dreams and whispers in the deep caverns. About half of the 100 or so inhabitants are travelers who were lost in the underrealm. The rest are the descendents of those. Whisperdale is nearly a century old.

Secrets: Whisperdale does not welcome travelers. Anyone coming to the gates is arrested and interrogated beneath the temple. True believers drawn to the town will reveal themselves under duress as surely as spies will. However, due to a tenuous peace agreement, traders and messengers sent from Undertown (0X.xx) will be allowed entrance and cold hospitality if they carry official documents identifying themselves as such.

The leader of Whisperdale is a gaunt creature called The Rasp Baleful. Dressed ever in dark robes, nothing can be determined of the Rasp’s species or gender. The main function of the Rasp seems to be to lead the cultists in worship of the Godecho and ordering the execution of interlopers and spies (real and imagined).

There is an even chance whenever the characters visit Whisperdale that the Rasp and their entourage are away in the echo chamber (0X.10), as well as an even chance a Baelishite dwarf trader from Undertown called Maretha Ardzeth is in Whisperdale on business.

Treasure: There is little to be gained in Whisperdale even if the characters choose to besiege the place. The Whisperers live spartan lives in service to their strange deity. Most of what they trade with Undertown for are necessities and weapons. If Maretha Ardzeth is present, she is usually carrying a few weapons and some provisions.

Connections: Beneath the Temple to the Godecho are the Dungeons of the Whisperers (0X.12). The characters may find themselves there unwillingly. Beyond the town itself a stream fed by a spring empties into a submerged tunnel going south (0X.xx).

Level X, Room 10

0X.10: Echo Chamber

Form: A large, dead end cavern.

Illumination: Dim, colorless light.

At First Glance: Mmerging from the twisting passages, those entering the echo chamber not its high ceiling and undulating walls. It is illuminated by a cold, colorless light that bounces around the chamber, almost like light reflected from a rippling pond but with no apparent source.

On Closer Inspection: Any sound made in the echo chamber reverberates and distorts as it echoes off the strangely curved walls. The louder the sound, the longer it echoes and the more strangely distorted it is by the time it fades. Normal sounds echoed in the chamber are disconcerting but not harmful.

Secrets: The echo chamber is used by the whisperers to cast their ritual hymns. Their joined voices fill with power and become the voice of the Godecho itself. It issues commands, portends the future, names enemies and sometimes grants dark boons to those who sing to the Godecho here.

Connections: the echo chamber is a dead end and connects only to the labyrinthine tunnels (0x.06).

Level X, Room 9

0X.09: Sparkling Death

Form: A vertical tunnel leading down to what appears to be a great cache of gemstones.

At First Glance: As the PCs descend this shaft they see that there are gemstones embedded in the walls, and they appear to be more numerous and larger the deeper they go.

On Further Inspection: The gemstones are real: emeralds, rubies, diamonds and more. The shaft was dug by what appears to have been dwarven skill, revealing greater and greater wealth the deeper the shaft goes.

Secrets: The shaft is not a cache of magical gemstones, but one of the Godecho’s insidious traps. The entire shaft is in fact a hungry chameleon megaworm. It has formed its gullet to appear like a rich mining shaft. Once characters have descended 100 feet into the shaft (nearly within reach of the greatest gemstones). It snaps its maw shut and begins to grind and digest those trapped within. The megaworm is hundreds of feet long: no weapon the characters possess will prevail against it.

Treasure: If the character remove a gemstone and then flee, it reverts to a grotesque hunk of flesh. Nonetheless, chameleon worm flesh is valuable for spell research and as a magical reagent.

Connections: There is no outlet from the shaft/worm.