Level 1, Room 30

01.30: Summoning Chamber

NOTE: I am changing room 01.30a to 01.30, 01.31a to 01.30a and 01.30b to 01.31.

Access: This chamber is accessed from the stairs leading up from the study (01.24) by two doors. There is a locked and warded door in the north wall as well, leading to the infirmary (01.30a).

Description: This room was used by the Alastairn family to summon entities from beyond the veil between worlds. The southwest wing is full of crates and boxes containing the many different tools, reagents, appliances and materials needed for summoning different entities. Skilled conjurors can identify most of the materials and using them halves the rate of failure for such summoning.

The eastern portion of the room is dominated by a massive summoning circle. It can be used for reaching through the veil on almost any scale and has drawn everything from mindless servitors to godshadows. Although not currently active, anyone with arcane sense can feel the weakness of the veil here. If used to summon extra-worldly entities, the circle doubles both the chance of success and the chance of a catastrophic complication.

01.30a: Infirmary

Access: The door to the infirmary is locked and warded. The lock is of high quality but ultimately mundane. The ward protects specifically from passage by extra-worldly entities.

Description: This room served primarily as a recovery chamber of those exhausted by summoning or even injured by creatures summoned (or uncooperative sacrifices). There is a large bed and a supply of many different kinds of healing equipment and materials. It was also used as a refuge from any escaped summons, given the warded door, and a few days of food, water and wine were kept here. Like the rest of the manor, the room is damaged by the elements and pests.

Treasure: Enough equipment can be scavenged from this room to form a working chirurgeon’s bag. None of the food or water remains viable, but two bottles of wine remain drinkable. Hidden beneath the bed is a rotting leather bag containing a long sword enchanted against extra-worldly entities.


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