Level 1, Room 29

01.29: The Cells

Access: The cells are accessible by way a door in the east wall that lead to the stairs to the study (01.24). In addition, a half dozen locked doors with small, iron barred viewports lead to the cells themselves.

Description: The large open area here does not betray its original purpose except for bloodstains on the floor and cabinets, one on the east and one on the west walls, containing various implements of torture, dissection and sacrifice. The doors against the north wall are all sturdy and padlocked, with barred portholes allowing view into the rooms. Most of the rooms are furnished with nothing more than boxes or straw matts, long since deteriorated. The far eastern room does not even have that, only a bucket obviously once used for sanitary needs.

The Angry Dead: This place is haunted by the many,many souls that have come through here at the behest of the Alastairn family. No singular entity can be gleaned, but a geist swarm is aroused whenever living creatures enter the room. Sensitive characters and those with insight into the dead realms can feel the fear, rage and despair of the geist swarm. Unfortunately, beyond exorcism, there is not much to be done for these poor multitudes. Despite their tragic fate, the geist swarm is very dangerous and will drain the life from characters or living creatures that remain here long.

Treasure: Among all the cells there is a singular item of note: a locket found in the old waste bucket in the eastern most cell. The picture inside the locket is long since rotted away, but the silver remains. It can be sold, or alternatively given to Mobolexon in the chapel for answers (see 01.17) since the spirit of its owner is still bound by it. This is an irredeemably evil act.


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