Level 1, Room 27

01.27: Master Suite

Accesses: The master suite is accessible by way of doors in the east wall (leading to a hallway off 01.25), south wall (leading to 01.26) and west wall (leading to 01.24).

Description: This lavishly appointed room was the suite for the master of Parenix Manor and spouse. Most recently it was occupied by Bazil Alastairn, whose reach exceeded his grasp and brought about the downfall of the Alastairn family.

The room is dominated by a large four post bed. There is a personal privy in the north east corner, though the magic of the self cleaning chamber pot has long since dissipated. On the western wall near the door to the study hangs a magical tapestry: every generation of the Alastairn family from the founding of Parenix Manor to the fall are depicted in slowly morphing thread. Blue, heatless fire burns in the fireplace, illuminating the chamber in a spectral glow.

Bazil’s Final Revenge: When the horrors he tried to command consumed him, Brazil’s soul fled to this room. Characters investigating this room will feel it grow cold and then the fire in the hearth expands to brightness before nearly extinguishing, revealing old brazil hovering above the bed. He moans and growls and snaps his jaws, but he is too far gone in the grip of powers from the outer dark to say anything coherent. However, he still command some of his horrific magic and in a fit of rage causes the fireplace to blaze one last time. The shadows cast by any characters in either the suite or the study come to life as shadow simulacra and attack the characters that cast them. After they are defeated, Brazil is spent untilt he next full moon. He can be exercised or given to the demon Mobulexon if the family tapestry is employed as a fetish.

Treasure: Much of value remains in the suit, including silk bedding that has survived as well as a full set of men’s formal jewelry. Double the usual number of artifacts/baubles are found in this room as well.

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