Level 1, Room 26

01.26: Master’s Study:

Accesses: The master’s study is accessible by way of a door int he north wall leading to the Master Suite (01.27) and a locked and magically warded door in the south wall leading to the upper master stair (01.25). The lock is of high quality and the ward both bars passage and alerts the study’s guardian (see below) unless bypassed by magical means.

Description: Like the study (01.24) this room is dominated by bookshelves full of esoteric and eldritch tomes, as well as comfortable and exquisitely crafted furniture. No magic circle is found on the floor, however. Instead, magical sigils are etched into the walls, floor and ceiling so lightly as to be nearly invisible except with an arcane eye. A cold blue fire burns in the fireplace and there is little moisture damage and no pest damage here.

The Guardian: A venomous geist thrall haunts this room, bound to defend its contents from any intruders. Like the one in the master stair (01.10) it attacks an intruder invisibly, poisoning its target with a deadly ghost toxin. If it is rendered incapacitated, it dissipates until the next moonrise and reassumes its duties. Note that ti will serve the Master of the Manor, whoever that is (see 02.xx).

Treasure: The master study contains double the normal number of baubles/artifacts as usual. In addition, the books in the study grant mastery the same way as in room 01.24. Finally, there are 2d4+1 randomly determined magical scrolls among the books.


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