Level 1, Room 25

01.25: Master Stair, upper

Access: Stairs lead up from the master stair (01.10). There is a door on the west wall and one on the eastern part of the north wall leading to different hallways. The door on the western section of the north wall is locked and magically warded, leading to the Master’s Study (01.26)

Description: this area is relatively clean with just a hint of the water and pest damage that affects most of the rest of Parenix Manor. It is sparsely decorated, with only a giant bust made of marble of what appears to be an eye containing multiple pupils. The bust is disconcerting to look at directly but even more so when seen from the peripheral: the pupils seem to float in the eye, shifting position. When one looks directly at the eye again, they cannot be certain whether the pupils are where originally seen.
Museum Hands: If anyone attempts to damage the eye bust, it lashes out with a mind rending counterblast, doing psychic damage equal to the damage caused to it by the individual, regardless of type or source (arrows, spells, a hammer). If a character is incapacitated by the counterblast, upon resuscitation they must roll for incurred madness.


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