Level 1, Room(s) 23

01.23: Kinder Rooms

These three chambers served as bedrooms for the younger generations of the Alastairn family throughout the history of Parenix Manor. The state each remains in is based on the generation at the time of the family’s fall.

23a: Mithwell’s Room

Access: The door connecting to the hallway and privy (01.21) is locked.

Description: A century ago this room belonged to Mithwell Alastairn, fop and voidmage dilettante. It is decorated in fine lace, silk and brass, interspersed with the strange and compelling baubles pulled from deep below Mornrax Hill. The room is in surprisingly good shape: Mithwell was more than a little fastidious and expended a great deal of time and magic to keep the room clean. The magic has waned over the century, but enough remains to keep out the mold and pests.

Broken hearted Banshee: Mithwell is here still. Their mournful spirit is trapped in their room, crying over the cruelty of their parents and their fate. It was Mithwell who the coachman Arthur desired, and Mithwell loved him in return.

Mithwell is a wailing geist. If mortals enter the room, Mithwell waits until the interlopers feel secure then slams the door closed and manifests: nake save for a diamond necklace, beautiful, androgynous and wrathful, they induce fear for a moment before unleashing their deadly howl. If the characters are able to present the love letters from the coachman’s house (01.06) Mithwell does not wail. Instead, they break down into tears and ca

n be bound to the letters with seance. If so bound, Mithwell can then be sold the Mobulexon in the Chapel (01.17).

Alternatively, the characters can give the letters freely to Mithwell, who will dissipate in sorrow and leave behind the diamond necklace they were wearing.

Treasure: In addition to the necklace, this room contains double the usual number of artifacts/baubles.

23b and 23c: Kinder Rooms

These rooms are similar in size and function to 23a, but do not possess Mithwell’s sense of style nor magic to keep them free from water and pest damage. 23b was clearly a young woman’s room and contains a beautiful silver music box along. 23c belonged last to a cruel young man and in addition to the usual furnishings, it contains a hat box full of cat and bird skulls.


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