Level 1, Room 24

01.24: Study

Access: The study can be accessed by doors in the east, south and west walls. A broad set of stairs lead up to the attic cells.  (01.29).

Description: With walls dominated by bookshelves weighted down by esoteric tomes and scrolls  and multiple eldritch circles engraved in the floor, there is no doubt that this room served as the center of the Alastairn family studies into the occult. In addition, artifacts and baubles from the depths of Mornrax Hill sit on shelves and tables and hang from the walls. Water damage here is minimal and the twisted, broken and burnt remains of smalls pests litter the room.

There’s Magic in the Air: The strange forces harnessed by the lastairn family remain strong in this room. When anyone enters the study, they feel the air crackly with magical power and find themselves compelled to swear fealty to “the master of Parenix Manor.” Any creature that does not or can not is struck with magic bolts originating from the magic circles every minute. This is the source of the dead pests, for even simple animals are affected. Swearing fealty to stop the attack works, but from thence forth the character is vulnerable to attacks and effects created by the spirits of the manor. Should the manor be freed from the posthumous grip of the Alastairn family (see area 02.xx) the vulnerability ends.

Treasure: The study provides a wealth of valuables. First, there are 2d6+6f artifacts and baubles in this chamber. Second, the books on the shelves are a complete library of occult philosophy: a character seeking to use an exoteric knowledge skill may consult the books for one hour and be considered to have mastery for that single knowledge check. Finally, there are 2d4+1 randomly determined magical scrolls among the books. These spells may be cast from the scrolls or copied into a prayer or spell book (destroying the scroll in either case).


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