Level 1, Room 23

01.22: Kinder Lounge

Access: An unlocked door connects the kinder lounge to the hallway and privy (01.21).

Description: This chamber was once the parlor reserved for the young adult members of the Alastairn family (the kinder). Shelves of books, sets of cards and board games, along with a well stocked liquor cabinet, dominate this room. Chairs and stools offer comfortable — if cozy — seating for 8 people. Like the rest of the house, moisture, weather and pests have ruined most of the contents and furnishings.

Window to the Void: Among the most popular games with the ALastairn kinder is Window to the Void. It involves a simple picture frame holding a silver plate instead of a painting. To play, a black film is applied to the silver plate and allowed to dry. Then the players take turns holding a sharp stencil. They close their eyes and whisper a question to the void and scratch away at the film. Each “player” in turn does this, asking a follow-up question, until all the players have gone. Once they have finished, they open their eyes and interpret the image revealed by the scratching as the answer. Using the frame in this manner increases the chance of accurate divination magic two fold, but triples the chance of a spirit mishap for such castings.

Lurker in Ash: The fireplace in this room has become the lair of an arboreal hunter, drawn by the regular passage of birds and other pests down the chimney. Anyone searching the fireplace is likely to be attacked by the creature, which uses its poison tentacles and beak against the “intruder.”

Treasure: Besides the Window of the Void game, there are double the usual number of artifacts/baubles in this chamber.


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