Level 1, Room 21

01.21: Kinder Hall and Privy

Access: A door in the south wall leads to the upper kinder stair (01.19). There are two doors in the west wall: the southern one leads to the Kinder Lounge (01.22) and the northern one is locked and  leads to one of the Kinder Bedrooms (01.23a).

Description: This long hallway is mostly nondescript. The white plaster on the walls has crumbled away to reveal stone and at the end of the hall a moldering curtain partially obscures the privy.

Waste Away: The Alastairn family experimented with many strange magics over the century and a half of their master of Parenix hall and explorations beneath Mornrax Hill. The kinder privy was the strange culmination of some of that research. The privy appears as any other, except that in the bowl is what can only be described as a sea of otherworldly stars. Anything dropped into the privy is torn from this universe and dropped in another, irrevocably irretrievable. Over the decades, the arcane engineering containing the magic of the privy has weakened, however, and if anything or anyone touches the “sea of stars” it or they must resist the pull or be themselves forcibly drawn into the privy and forever lost. If the privy itself is broken, the weird portal within flows out like water, devouring everything. In the end, anything and anyone within a 10 foot sphere of the privy is obliterated before the energy folds in on itself and closes the portal forever.

Treasure: A golden hair comb and a silver mirror can be found in the cabinet next to the privy.


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