Level 1, Room 20

I made a few changes to the upper levels map key based on a change of direction.

01.20: Guest Quarters

Access: The only door in to or out of this room is in the north wall, leading to the Kinder Stair, Upper (01.49). The door is locked with a simple lock.

Description: This room was used on the rare occasion that Parenix Manor hosted overnight guests. Like most of the rooms in the manor, it has been exposed to the elements and pests. It was originally furnished with three beds and a small table. The beds are sodden and the bedding rotten. Each bed also has a foot locker at its end, and an armoire stands against the west wall where clothing might be hung.

Unquiet Guests: Unfortunately for them, there were in fact guests in the manor the night that terrible powers ended the Alastairn family reign. Mistress Neva Colburn, her handmaiden Lena and their guardan Sir Hanna Murand were all in the room fast asleep when the end happened. The three women woke when the manor screamed at the presence of some terrible horror, but they could not force the door open, even with Ser Hanna’s prodigious strength. They died torn apart by forces beyond mortal comprehension, but their spirits remain in the room.

If the PCs enter the room during nighttime hours, the door will slam itself shut. A blue glow fills the room as the ghosts of the three women appear, wailing and hugging one another in terror. Their terror becomes the terror of anyone in the room, and those so affected must steady their will or be dragged into madness with the ghosts. The haunting lasts only a few minutes and occurs only once per night. Any who survive the effects are immune on future nights. The ghosts are so maddened that they can provide no information to the PCs even if forced to speak by a necromancer.

Treasure: Mistress Neva’s belongings are in the armoire, including beautiful dresses long since wasted away. However, a beautiful, jewel encrusted pin and a golden tiara can be found. Lena had nothing of value, but Ser Hanna’s enchanted sword remains: it never rusts or tarnishes, and it can cut a demon or spirit as easily as a mortal enemy.


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