Level 1, Room 18

01.18: Graveyard

Access: The Graveyard is outside the walls of Parenix Manor. The grave of Tobias Mofret leads to xxxxx (02.xx).

Description: This graveyard served as the final resting place of the most loyal servants of the Alastairn family that served at Parenix Hall. The two dozen headstones are all carved of polished granite, but are all weathered. The graveyard is overgrown with weeds and wildflowers. Some of the graves appear to have been recently excavated and then hastily refilled.

Death Blossoms: Any grave the characters examine has a 1 in 6 chance of being covered in black poppies, which if disturbed release a fume of intoxicating and deadly poison. Affected characters are slowed and confused for one minute before falling unconscious with an equal probability of remaining foreverĀ  in a coma, waking after an hour, or dying.
Reaching Hands: There are six graves that appear to have been disturbed: [insert names here]. Characters investigating any of these besides that of Tobias Mofret wake the ravenous bones within. They reach up and grasp the offender and pull them down into the earth with unholy strength. They will not come out of their graves, so a character that breaks free or is pulled free can escape.

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