Level 1, Room 17

01.17: The Chapel

Access: the only door in this room is in the west wall, leading to the greater dining room (01.15). The door is locked and was hastily spiked closed with whatever sharp cutlery was at hand.

Description: This room was the Alastairn family chapel, dedicated to various gods of knowledge and esoterica — good, evil and indifferent. Their images once graced the walls as paintings and tapestries, and their holy books once filled a shelf in the east wall. All that is destroyed, shredded and singed and so much confetti in the room. The altar against the north wall is marred by scorch and claw marks and covered in filth that stinks of the Pit.

The Prisoner: The perpetrator of all this vandalism is Mobulexon, an ash-mouthed rhymer that was summoned by the Alastairn in their hour of need. The demon broke free from its bonds and joined in the chaos that destroyed the family, but was driven into the chapel and contained there by the iron and silver cutlery that closed the door. For a century, the creature has raged, destroying the images and works of the gods in the room and swearing revenge on the Alastairn.

Mobulexon does not attack immediately when the door is opened. He perches, invisible, on the defiled altar and assesses whoever broke through the door. If they seem like people he can manipulate, he will speak to them in his weird sing-song rhymes, offering them secrets in return for the simple service of giving him an Alastairn soul to take back to the pit with him. He needs a fetish or other binding object for one of the haunts in the house. He is willing to answer three questions about hidden treasures and/or tricks on both Level 1 and Level 2 in return. PCs that take this bargain are condemning a soul to eternal torment.

If the PCs attack Mobulexon, he uses his fire breath and confounding rhymes to defend himself. If he is outclassed by the PCs he makes his escape by flying away invisible. He seeks revenge for such humiliation, though, and will stalk the PCs unseen and look for opportunities to turn the tide of a battle against them or lead them into a deadly trap.

Treasure: Nothing survived Mobulexon’s century long tantrum in this room except the altar itself. If it is cleaned and reconsecrated, the blessings of the gods of knowledge on the altar return: any miracle of divination cast at the altar is heightened.

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