Level 1, Room 16

01.16:Servant’s Mess

Access: A door in the north wall leader to the hallway off the greater dining room (01.15).

Description: This room was once used by the servants to take their meals and brakes while on their long, arduous shifts in Parenix Manor. It is well stocked with simple furnishings and dishes and cutlery, most of which is deteriorated and valueless. Pests have long since devoured any foodstuffs that were kept here. The small table where the servants ate is covered by a stained white cloth. Beneath the table, hidden by the cloth, is a skeleton dressed in the ragged remains of a maid’s uniform. It is curled up in the fetal position, as if the individual died hiding and covering their head.

Poor Anya: If perchance magic is used to speak with the spirit of the maid whose skeleton lies under the table, the following can be gleaned: Her name was Anya and she was a recent hire of the Alastairn family. On the night she died, there were many strange visitors to the manor, for some event Anya did not understand and the older servants cautioned her to ask no questions about. Near midnight, Anya heard horrible noises — chanting and screams and growls and roars and worse — and saw strange blue lights and shadows that had lives of their own. She ran and hid under the table. She remembers nothing else save an ice cold hand grabbing her by the wrist, then the eternal void.


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