Level 1, Room 15

01.15: Greater Dining Hall

Access: The greater dining hall is accessible through a locked and warded door in the south leading to the Welcome Chamber (01.12). There is also a door in the north wall leadinger to the grounds, a door in the west wall leading to the sitting room (01.11) and a door in the east wall leading to xxxxx (01.17). A hallway exits from the east wall as well, leading to the servant’s mess (01.16) or to the grounds near the kitchen (01.06).

Description: This room is exquisitely decorated, or at least was a century ago. Holes in the roof and the chimney have let the elements and pests in. Lacquered wood, polished silver, beautiful ceramics and lovely tapestries and paintings are all scoured by the decades. The main dining table is massive, surrounded by high backed chairs. Stools and small chairs surround the fire, apparently meant for minstrels or storytellers. There are cabinets here as well, holding spare dishes and tableware.

Feast of the Damned: If the PCs are present in the room upon the witching hour (3 AM) they will witness a most unsetting pantomime. First, the fireplace bursts into blue, heatless flame. Then the sounds of a low dirge played on untuned instruments can be heard as if off in the distance, soon followed by the clattering of forks and knives against china. After a moment, ghostly figures slowly coalesce: a troupe of musicians by the fire, a servant girl in the corner and figures at the great dining table. The man at the head of the table is the same man whose bust graces the door to this room, and his expression is a sour one. The others around the table are indistinct and shifting, perhaps representing different people through the ages. The patriarch seems to be castigating them — his words cannot be understood but boom through the room nonetheless — while stabbing and cutting at his plate. If anyone approaches to see what is on his plate, they see that same figure’s own head. The display goes on for a half an hour before the  images, sounds and fire fade (in that order).

Treasure: As with the lesser dining room, the silverware here is strange but still worth its weight.


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