Level 1, Room 13

01.13: Lesser Dining Room

Access: A door in the south wall leads to the Master Stair. A door in the west wall leads to the Welcome Chamber (01.12). This door cannot be opened from the Lesser Dining Room unless it has first been opened from the Welcome Chamber.

Description: A large polished oak table surrounded by tall backed, black lacquered chairs dominates this room. These furnishings appear normal, if certainly expensive, unless the legs are examined: these are carved into the shapes of curling, twisting columns of smoke or gouts slime or ribbed tentacles. The table is set with eight places: fine china a silverware that all seems slightly off, as if warped or partially melted. Cabinets with glass doors hold more dishes, as well as wine glasses and drink tumblers. This room is cleaner and drier than most of the rest of the manor, though some moisture and mold has entered through the chimney in the north wall.

All You Can Eat: If a character sits down at one of the place settings, the dishes suddenly fill with hot, succulent food. Eating the food restores health and vitality. However, as the character eats, the food replaces itself, and the character discovers they cannot stand from the chair unless they finish their meal — which of course they can’t. There are two ways to escape this trap: one is to simply break the dishes, ending the magic at that place setting. The other is to force oneself to purge what has been eaten, which causes damage equal to twice whatever eating the meal healed.

Treasure: The silverware in the room, including that in the cabinets, totals 12 sets, worth a lot in weight alone and more to a collector. Note that the magic is in the place setting at the table and so dishes can be taken from the room but will not fill with food anywhere but the table.


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