Level 1, Room 11

01.11: Sitting Room

Accesses: A door in the east wall leads to the Welcome Chamber (01.12), The first tiem this door is encountered, it is warded. See that room for details. There is also a door in the south wall leading to the Guest Stairs (01.09) and a locked door in the north wall leading to the Private Study (01.04).

Description: This chamber was once extravagantly decorated and furnished, intended to impress visitors to Parenix Manor. Over the century since the manor has been abandoned, however, the elements and pests have entered through the chimney. The once grand furniture — including multiple couches and chairs — and lush carpet are all soiled and deteriorated. The only piece of art in the room is painting above the fireplace of a hunt: a woman on a horse fires a blunderbuss at a two headed, fanged stag. The painting itself is surprisingly well preserved (it is in fact enchanted to resist decay) but the gold leaf frame falls apart if touched.

Treasure: In addition to the painting (which will fetch a good sum from any collector) a cabinet of fine liquor remains intact in the north east corner. There are 5 bottles of brandy, all unmarked as the labels have wasted away. One of the bottles has turned, becoming an indiscernible but  deadly poison.


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