Level 1, Room 10

01.10: Master Stair

Illumination: This chamber is lit by a brazier in the northwest corner that burns with a blue flame that gives off no heat.

Access: Sturdy locked doors access this room in the west wall leading to the foyer (01.08) and the north wall leading to the lesser dining hall (01.13). Stairs lead up to the master suit on the second floor.

Description: This area has faired better than the guest stair (01.09): though damp and musty, there is less mold and water damage and fewer pests have nested here. The stair are made of polished and lacquered hardwood, preserving them from the worst rot. The banisters are wood also, finely carved into an unsettlingly irregular form. A large armoire sits at the base of the stairs. Within are a few fine cloaks damaged by moisture and age as to be worthless.

Unseen Guardian: This room is not uninhabited. A geist thrall haunts here unseen, long ago summoned to both serve the Alastairn family and protect them from intruders. If any character tires to steal from the room or go upstairs, the geist thrall throttles them — which appears to onlookers like a fatal seizure. If the geist thrall is defeated, it is released to its final rest and the flame in the brazier goes out.

Treasure: One of the cloaks in the armoire is pinned with a valuable brooch: silver smoke on a sapphire pool. It will fetch a fine price, but was owned by Mithwell Alastairn whose spirit still resides in room 01.xx.

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