Level 1, Room 9

01.09: Guest Stair

Access: A door in the north wall leads to the Sitting Room (01.11). Stairs lead up to the guest hall (01.xx).

Description:  This once elegant little hall is filthy with water damage, mold and pst droppings. A large oil painting hangs crookedly on the stair wall. It is a portrait of the second generation of the Alastairn family, but is so warped and blackened that do member can be identified. In the south east corner there are the remains of a comfortable, elegant chair and a small bookshelf, both nearly collapsed. The books are mostly destroyed by time, water and pests, but one readable spine of a book remains: The Voices of the Outer Dark and How to Hear Them. The pages of the book are nothing but black mold and smeared ink.

Watch Your Step: The water damage here is extreme. The stairs are weakened about halfway up and anyone over 100 pounds in weight has a 10% chance per 10 pounds over 100 of falling through the stairs (100% at 200 lbs or more). A character can hug the wall and half the chance of collapse, or jump the gap if they detect the fault before stepping. The space beneath the stairs is infested with stinging, venomous centipedes that attack anyone crashing into their hive.

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