Level 1, Room 8

In addition to the room description, this one has the start of a “weird trinket and art generation system” for the manor.

Inside Parenix Manor

Parenix Manor was the home of the strange, ambitious, arcane and perhaps even evil Alastairn Family. Steeped in eldritch lore and willing to breach the veil between the many worlds for power, the family decorated their demesne with unusual baubles and weird artifacts. Some came from the far reaches of the world, but most were excavated from the extensive ruins below the manor in Mornrax Hill and deeper.

While some such baubles are detailed in the following room descriptions, they represent only a small portion of the items discoverable within the manor. Unless otherwise noted, any given room contains 1d4 such items. Depending on their size and nature, they might be trinkets forgotten on shelves, or great works of incomprehensible art.

Use the tables below to describe any given artifact. Simply roll a handful of dice: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10 and 1d12.

1d4: Size


1d6: Type


1d8: Style


1d10: Weird Factor


1d12: Dungeon level of Origin. NOTE: If a 1 or 2 is rolled, the item originated from some distant part of the world rather than beneath parenix manor. It is important to record the level of origin for any items the PCs choose to keep on their person, for reasons described in each dungeon level entry.

01.08: Grand Foyer

Accesses: Large bronze double door depicting the Alastairn family crest — an abstract image that brings to mind some rising from water — on the south wall connect the foyer to the Grounds. These doors are locked with a complex mechanism, but can be easily opened by smearing blood on the door. The blood must be from a fresh wound suffered by a living creature, but the creature need not be willing. Dried blood on the Grounds side of the doors hints at this method. A sturdy door in the east wall leads to 01.10 and another in the north wall leads to 01.12. Neither is locked.

Description: The Grand Foyer of parenix Manor is large and empty with marble floors and stone walls. Every step taken and every word spoken echoes ominously. At first it appears that the walls are unadorned, but if one stares long enough texture and shadows in the stone reveal an unsettling semblance of fog or smoke that seems to drift across the walls — or is it an illusion. Ancient coat racks hand on the east and west walls but cannot hold the weight of even a light cloak. In the northern corners of the room stand statues. In the northwest stands the marble image of a man: rail thin, sever of countenance, dressed in a minister’s gown. The statue in the west is a ruin, made of marble but seemingly melted like wax. What it might have looked like cannot be discerned but hints suggest it had been a female form: the hem of a dress, the curve of a bosom, a set of full lips twisted in a scream.


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