Level 1, Room 7

01.07: The Back Gate

Access: The back gate separates the Grounds from the lands beyond the manor’s walls.

Description: Once, a proud gate stood here. Its remains can still be seen laying in the overgrown grounds on either side of the path: two individual five foot wide, ten foot tall structures made of steel banded hardwood. Rusting hinges are still embedded in the stone walls. The gate on the eastern side had a man sized door built into it, which was used to allow servants and laborers in. The gates were only fully opened for official visitors.

Vestige of the Guardian: In the days before the fall of Parenix Manor and the Alastairn family, the back gate was enchanted. There was always worry that one day those people who lived in the vicinity of the manor might come with torch and pitchfork in hand, so the gate was reinforced with magical power: a spirit from the Realm of Wrath and Wind was bound to the gate. Careful examination of the remains of the fallen gates reveal intricate but subtle arcane marks.

The guardian remains, still bound to the gates despite their fallen, decrepit state. Where once it could have blown angry villagers away like a gale, it can muster little more than a cold, foul wind. Anyone who passes through the gate from the outside into the Grounds feels this wind and a sense of anger directed at them, but suffers nothing worse. If the gates are burned or otherwise completely destroyed, the guardian is returned to its home plane. Alternatively, the gates may be gathered up, repaired and hung (either at the manor or elsewhere), reinstating the guardian’s power and continuing its service.


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