Level 1, Room 5

01.05: Cookhouse

Access: The main prep area of the cook house is accessed from the Grounds by a door in the south wall and from the Kitchen (01.06) by two doors in the north wall.

Description: The cook house prep room is large and open with a big solid table, counter space and various pans and utensils hanging from the ceiling. Like the rest of the manor, it has seen bad weathering and damage from pests. When in use this room could accommodate the preparation for large meals served to the Alastairn family and their guests.

Heavy Metal: Much of what is found in this room is decayed beyond use, but the Alastairn did not skimp on tools for cooking and some items remain. Two large cast iron pots, a set of rusted but easily repaired knives, and a full set of porcelain crockery can be found among the rubbish. These could be of some use, or sold for a long stay at the Bridgeroad Inn.


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