Level 1, Room 4

01.04: The Coachman’s Room

Access: The coachman’s room is accessed through an unlocked door in the south wall that leads to the carriage house and stables (01.03).

Description: Despite a leaky roof and broken windows, the coachman’s room has survived mostly intact over the decades since Parenix Manor was abandoned. The furniture is sturdy but unassuming. The small table and chairs are beneath a hole in the roof and thus most deteriorated but the bed in the corner is still functional. Any provisions that were left here are long since rotted away, The hearth is in decent shape minus some pests up the chimney and may be used. Against the north wall there is a coat and hat rack. The mildew and moth eaten remains of a pair of velvet cloaks and tall hats hang there.

Lovelorn: If the PCs search they find a surprising well preserved hat box under the bed. In it are a dozen or so pieces of folded parchment. Each one is a love letter. They are brief but obviously written with a careful hand. Neither the writer nor intended recipient are noted, but the writer spends each letter extolling the chaste virtue of the recipient and their (the writer’s) desire to run away with the recipient. All the letters read like this, except one. It is crumpled in a ball and stained with what appears to be ancient blood. In the same handwriting as the others, it reads only: “I demand you stop your advances at once or I shall be forced to reveal all. Good bye.”

Connections: These letters were written to the coachman (a man named Arthur) by Mithwell Alastairn, whose unquiet spirit still haunts Parenix Manor. See room 01.XX.


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