Level 1, Room 3

01.03: Carriage House and Stable

Accesses: The wide door on the southwest wall still hangs on its rusted hinges (it swings out against the manor wall). A heavy chain promises to lock it shut but the door itself if badly damaged with large areas where the elements, pests and worse can enter. Inside a still sturdy but unlocked door leads north to the coachman’s room.

Description: The Carriage House and Stable is a dark, decrepit structure. While sun and moonlight filter through the many holes in the ceiling, a hay loft and multiple stalls keep much of the interior in shadow. The carriage, once well crafted and utilitarian if not fine, is a rotting heap.

Many Mouths to Feed: In the most northeastern stall is the bloated, putrescent form of a massive flying bloodworm queen. While it is itself harmless, its brood of flying bloodworm hatchlings are not. Once the carriage house is disturbed, 2d4 hatchlings fly out to meet the intruders. If any taste blood, they screech their find and the whole swarm of 32 descend on the unlucky interlopers. If all the hatchlings are killed they can no longer bring blood to their queen and she dies in 1d3 days.

Treasure: As stated, the carriage is a ruin. However, it was adorned with small silver Alastairn family crests (an abstract symbol that brings mind to smoke rising from water). A total of fours can be recovered from the wreckage requiring 1d6x10 minutes work total, and each is worth 50 gp if sold to a collector or 10 gp if sold for their metal alone.

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