One in a Million: Chapter 13

Nel ulan Joridwin — pronounced so that the syllables starting with soft consonants were stretched and those starting with hard consonants were clipped — caught Caleb’s eye during a briefing at the beginning of a shift. It was only a few days after they had left the Jovian system on the way to the frozen Neptune-like planet that Earth astronomers thought of as Planet X beyond the Oort Cloud. Nel was a member of the same maintenance class as Caleb, mostly acting as custodians for the smarter, more efficient microngineers.

She — he thought of her as she and Nel did not correct him — was slim and tall, almost willowy. Her species was not mammalian so she did not have breasts, but her slender waist and wide hips gave her a feminine allure. Her skin was porcelain white on the front of her body and navy blue on the backside, fading smoothly between so her ribs, inner thighs and armpits were the color of a summer sky. She did not wear clothing besides a harness to hang tools on and a pair of sandals with slight heels. Her face was angular and long, vaguely equine, with large oval pools of black for eyes and two rows of nostrils running from her mouth to her forehead. She noticed him noticing her and was intrigued by his — to her eyes — alien features.

The fucked in a maintenance crawl space during their lunch break. Caleb was pleased to discover that the universe had deigned to keep sex organs in roughly the same place for all humanoid body plans. Nel was pleased to discover that male human anatomy, like her species, included both a penetrator and receiver in close proximity.

Caleb bit his lip in surprise but not pain or revulsion. Nel’s phallus was about the size of an adult human index finger and that wasn’t the first time he had felt that during coitus. Their sex was awkward but enthusiastic, driven by curiosity as much as lust. There were false starts and uncertain postures but ultimately they both found satisfaction.

As they cleaned up, Nel said, “You should introduce me to that, what did you call her, girlfriend of yours.” She nuzzled his neck with her snout like face and squeezed past him and out of the crawl space.

“I will definitely do that,” he said and pulled up his pants.

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