One in a Million: Chapter 3

Allie flexed her thighs and pulled Caleb deeper into him. He grunted. She grunted. They moved. Moments later, she released him and they were lying side by side, sweaty and out of breath.

“Isn’t it kind of weird that your booty call has the same name as your best friend?” asked Allie. She reached down and started rubbing herself.

“No,” he said. “Why would it be?”

“I don’t know,” she said. She caught her breath then continued, “I think it would be weird is all.” She made a hungry sound.

“It’s not.” Caleb sat up on the edge of the bed and stretched.

“So, aliens,” said Allie. She bit her lower lip.

“Yeah.” Caleb went into the bathroom. He left the door while he pulled off the condom and urinated.

“Think they’ll eat us?” she asked and then came again.

“I don’t think so,” said Caleb. He started collecting his clothes from the floor. “If they were going to do that, why would they be signing trade agreements?”

Allie exhaled. She turned on her side to face him while he dressed. “Does it bother you?”

“The aliens?”

“No, when I get a second after we’re done.”

“No. Why would it?”

“It bothers some people. Guys, I mean.”

“It doesn’t bother me.” He was dressed except for his shoes.

Allie sat up suddenly. “Do you like me, Caleb.”

Caleb considered her. Her skin was the color of mahogany. Her breasts were perfect teardrops. Her hips were narrow but her ass was nicely round. “I like it when we have sex,” he said, then added, “and I don’t find you annoying.”

Allie blinked. “Okay.”

“Okay,” he said and left.

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