The Ring Makers: Chapter 13

On the patio the midday sun blazed. Jazarah looked at her brother sternly. “Come home, Genet.”


Genet rolled his eyes and collapsed into a chair. “This again!”


“Yes! And again and again until you see sense.”


Genet waved. “No, big sister. God has my heart now.”


“Ephrim has your heart.” She snapped, the words bitter and scolding.


Angry, Genet leaped to his feet. “God brought me to Ephrim and through him, Heaven!”


Jazarah raised her hands to sooth him. “We are afraid. The Ring, it–”


“It is of God, Jazarah, and Ephrim will show us the way.”


Jazarah left, crying.

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Chapter 14

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