From Sigil Entertainment!

Heroes Die.

What is an adventure if not a game of chicken with the grim reaper? From a pit full of jagged spikes to giant spiders to traitorous blades in the night to angry would-be gods from the deepest levels of the Abyss, Death stalks the novice and veteran hero alike. And sometimes, Death wins the game.

But in the vast tapestry of fantasy adventure, death need not be the end. HereAfter is a meta-setting designed to take that death, especially the dreaded Total Party Kill, and embrace it. Characters awake on the shores of a mystical island in an endless sea where they have the opportunity to win their way back to the land of the living and complete their quests and find justice and vengeance. Or they can find their way to their final reward in the planes beyond.

But they aren’t alone in the HereAfter: many others before them have crossed the veil to the Endless Isle. Some have made it their home, wishing neither to return to the living or go on to the true end. Some are trapped and driven to madness, haunting the land of the dead itself. Powers and forces beyond mortal ken also watch the HereAfter, unable to enter themselves but using their influence and minions on the Endless Isle.

HereAfter is designed for use with the 5th Edition of the first fantasy adventure RPG. It can be used with characters of any level, from any setting. Characters might adventure here for a session or two before returning home, alive and well, or have a full campaign on the Endless Isle.

Hereafter will soon be found on Kickstarter!

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