Magical Monday: Pommel Stones of Power

Magic swords are perhaps the most iconic of items found by adventurers. Their presence in Dungeons and Dragons is based on some of the oldest myths of mankind. The sword, in all its various forms throughout human history, has been a symbol of power. In the world of myth, where power is granted (and sometimes revoked) by the gods, so too are swords. Unfortunately, magical swords have become rote in D&D. Forgotten are their names and the list of their deeds; all that seems to matter is the type of weapon, and the bonus conferred to the wielder.


Some years ago, I created a system by which to create one million magic swords, complete with names and histories.  I won’t repeat that here. Instead, this article looks at accoutrements to be added to an otherwise bland “+1 Sword” — specifically, in the form of pommel stones meant to be attached to the base of the sword handle. These magical gemstones confer special properties to the blade, but not simple numerical bonuses. They are intended to add flavor and utility.


Finding and Using Pommel Stones of Power


While it may be that the player characters find a magical sword complete with a powered pommel stone attached, I think it is more fun and interesting for characters to find the stones separately. In some cases, the stones might be found on existing swords that have lost their magic through destruction or dispelling. Pommel Stones of Power cannot be disenchanted, but must be attached to a functional magical blade in order to provide any benefit. This requires a craft check (DC 20) as well as an Int (Arcana) check (also DC 20). Failure on either means the craftsman failed to successfully link the Pommel Stone of Power to the magical sword. If either roll results in a natural die roll of 1, the sword is disenchanted during the process.


Once a Pommel Stone of Power is successfully attached to a magical sword, it’s benefits are conferred any time the sword is wielded (not simply carried). A Pommel Stone of Power may be attached to any one or two handed sword that is of +1 or higher magical enchantment.  The Dungeon Master is the final arbiter of what sort of weapon qualifies as a “sword.”


Example Pommel Stones of Power


Amber: After an amber Pommel Stone of Power is attached to a magical sword, the weapon has a unique property: on any successful critical hit, the target is not damage but instead is temporarily covered in a translucent orange glasslike material. The target is paralyzed and has damage (any) resistance  for the duration of the effect. Every round after the first allows the victim a Strength saving throw (DC 14) to break free. Three consecutive failed saves results in permanent encasement in amber (the character is effectively dead, but preserved).


Bloodstone: This red flecked green stone is polished to a sheen. Once it is attached to a magical sword, it absorbs the life’s blood of enemies killed by the sword. Each enemy killed by the sword adds 1 “blood point” to a pool accessible by the sword’s wielder. Each such point may be spent to add either +2 to hit or +2 to damage. More than one blood point may be spent on a single attack. The bloodstone holds a maximum of 4 blood points. The wielder must choose to spend one or more blood points at the time of making an attack, prior to the rolling of the dice. Every day the bloodstone goes without gaining a blood point creates a deficit in the bloodstone (effectively, a negative blood point) that must be filled before usable blood points are collected, to a maximum of 4.


Fire Opal: This orange, red and white stone seems to glimmer with an internal flame. When attached to a magical weapon, it confers upon the wielder resistance to both mundane and magical fire. In addition, the damage caused by the sword is considered magical fire for purposes of determining vulnerability and resistance or immunity.


Moonstone: Under the light of the moon (the new moon portion of the cycle does not count, nor does it work underground regardless of the cycle of the moon), a magical sword fitted with a moonstone Pommel Stone of Power confers advantage to all attacks by the wielder.

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